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Troubleshoot Receiving Issues

This page contains questions you should review if your shipments have not been received at the fulfilment centres.

From the Shipping Queue you can monitor the status of your shipments to Amazon's fulfilment centres.

If you have any questions about your shipments, follow these guidelines:

  • For shipments with status "Dispatched" or "In transit:"
    • Small Parcel: Check your tracking numbers
    • Less than truckload (LTL) or full truckload (FTL): Contact your carrier
  • For shipments with status "Delivered," contact your carrier to confirm the delivery location and receipt of signature if the status does not change within 24 hours.

When a shipment's status changes to "Checked in" it means at least a portion of the shipment has arrived at the fulfilment centre, but no units from the shipment have been received. Once the fulfilment centre begins scanning barcodes and receiving the inventory, the status will change to "Receiving."

  • Was your shipment delivered to the correct fulfilment centre?

    Shipments received at the wrong fulfilment centre can take additional days to be received. You can confirm the shipment is delivered to the correct fulfilment centre by comparing the delivery location from your carrier to the assigned fulfilment centre in your shipment Summary page.

  • Was the shipment received to a different shipment ID?

    When multiple shipments arrive at the same fulfilment centre, units may be received to a different shipment ID. The units will be received to your inventory, but will appear missing from the shipment. To verify the units were received, review the Received Inventory Report for the missing FNSKU.

  • Did you properly package and prepare your inventory?

    If any of your units were not properly labelled and packaged, those units will be set to one side and could take additional time to receive. Learn more about Packaging and Prep Requirements.

  • Did you send the units listed in your shipment?

    Sometimes sellers inadvertently send the wrong product in a shipment. For instance, a seller who listed 20 red units in a shipment might have accidentally dispatched 20 blue units. Verify that the units you sent matched the ones you included in the shipment. From your Shipping Queue, go to the shipment Summary page and check if any SKUs other than what you thought you dispatched were received. This could mean that you substituted one product for another in the shipment.

  • Did your distributor send the shipment to the fulfilment centre for you?

    Contact your distributor and verify the quantity of each product sent and the item-package quantity (for sets).

  • Have you had any sales since the shipment status changed to "Receiving"?

    Check your orders to see if any of the units you sent in have been sold. This could account for the quantity not matching what you sent to the fulfilment centre.

Follow these instructions if your units are still missing

Review the information in the Shipment Reconciliation Tool in the Reconcile tab on the Summary page in the Shipment Creation Workflow for your shipment. You can begin researching any discrepancies and classify them for additional research. You may be asked to provide additional documentation through the Shipment Reconciliation Tool. While Amazon may request documentation at any time, the following situations require additional documentation to be submitted to Seller Support for research.

  • For LTL/FTL shipments, the Bill of Lading (BOL) used by your carrier for your shipment is required for research.
  • For high-value shipments or shipments over 60 days old, an invoice or proof of purchase from your supplier is required for research.

Learn how to reconcile your inventory on the Shipment Reconciliation Tool help page.

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