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The All Statements page in the Payments Report displays information from previous Settlement Periods.

Each row in the table provides summary information for a specific Settlement Period. This summary does not distinguish between orders and refunds. Instead, it balances product charges (including shipping) against fees and other transactions that Amazon initiates. Use the Select Date Range filter to narrow the results to the time period of your choice.

The table includes the following columns:

  • Settlement Period: Start and end dates for each settlement.
  • Beginning Balance: The amount of money in your seller account at the beginning of the period.
  • Product charges Total: Product sales amounts only (no shipping or other amounts).
  • Promo rebates Total: The amount of rebates for any rebate promotions you created.
  • Amazon fees Total: Amazon fees, including fees for services such as Fulfilment by Amazon.
  • Other Total: This amount is calculated by adding up the unavailable balance from your previous Settlement Period plus the current amount in the Orders > Other (shipping & gift wrap credits) row in Statement View of your Payments Report, plus the current amount in the Refunds > Other row, and then subtracting your current unavailable balance.
  • Deposit Total: The amount transferred to your bank account, representing the sum of product charges, Amazon fees and other amounts.
  • Actions:
    • View Summary: A summary of information for the settlement period you select.
    • Download XML: A report in XML format that provides details for all transactions in the selected settlement period.
    • Download Flat File: A tab-delimited text file
    • Download Flat File V2: Fulfilment by Amazon sellers can use this file with the Settlement Summary Template to build a pivot table that provides a simplified display of details by order. Learn more about the Settlement Summary Report.
    • Request Report: This button appears next to older statement periods and generates a payments report for the period requested. While the report is generating, you will see the message In Progress. It can take a few minutes to an hour to generate the downloadable report. When complete, you will see a Download button. The report can be downloaded in XML format or as a tab-delimited text file suitable for opening in Excel.

Note: Downloads are not available for the current settlement period, and downloadable reports remain available for 90 days after you generate them.
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