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Unplanned services

Fulfilment by Amazon’s (FBA) Packaging and prep requirements and Shipping and routing requirements provide the requirements for our fulfilment centres to accurately receive and store your products. If you do not follow these requirements, Amazon sends your items through an alternate path for unplanned services, such as prep, labelling and manually processing shipments, which may delay our processing of your inventory and affect your ability to sell products quickly.

FBA tracks problems encountered at the fulfilment centre in order to provide you information and insight into your supply chain. You can view your Inbound performance summary for further details on problems we experienced receiving your shipments at our fulfilment centres and the actions you can take to avoid these issues in the future.

Note: To understand what actions Amazon generally takes when there are repeated issues with receiving and processing your shipments, please review the performance coaching help page.

About unplanned service fees

In some circumstances, FBA may charge you an unplanned service fee if items you sent us did not include the required label or prep when they arrived at the fulfilment centre. Unplanned service fees are charged per unit. Rates are shown in the table below.

Problem group Problem Problem rate Unplanned service fee based on coaching level


Per-unit charge


Per-unit charge


Per-unit charge

Label missing – product-related Amazon barcode missing Product level £0.15 £0.30 £0.30
Note: For the problems listed above, you will only be charged an unplanned service fee when we provide you an image to help illustrate the reported problem. We track label and prep issues through multiple methods, and when these systems do not include an image, we will alert you to the problem but will not charge you an unplanned service fee.

You can see your unplanned service fees in the following locations:

  • On your Inbound Performance report in the Fee Total column.
  • In your Shipping Queue. Click on Track shipment to the right of the shipment that has a problem. On the Shipment summary page, go to the Problems tab.
  • On the Manage Your Payments page. Go to the Transaction view tab, filter view by Service Fees and find Unplanned Service Fee in the Product Details column.

How to dispute unplanned service fees

If you believe FBA charged you an unplanned service fee in error, you can submit an investigation request to dispute it. If you do so, we will review the issue reported at the fulfilment centre and will assess if a reimbursement is due. We will only consider investigation requests you submit within 30 days of when the problem is reported to you. For more information on how to dispute an unplanned service fee, see Resolve inbound performance issues.

If a reimbursement is approved, you can see your unplanned service fee reimbursements in the following locations:

You should receive your reimbursement with the next scheduled Amazon payment. If you do not, check the status of the dispute in your case log. Search for the relevant case and click on View or Respond.

Unplanned services

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