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Amazon Payments Europe – Selling on Amazon Acceptable Use Policy

Updated August 20, 2013

This Acceptable Use Policy lists items and activities that we prohibit because they may be illegal or inappropriate in connection with the use of Amazon Payments Europe SCA's payment services which are provided in connection with the Selling on Amazon service offered by Amazon Services Europe SARL. It applies to any person or entity using our payment service and any transactions that we are asked to process. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with this policy. We may modify this policy at any time.

If we believe or suspect that any transaction violates this policy or is otherwise illegal or unsuitable, we may take any corrective action that we deem appropriate, including blocking the transaction, holding funds associated with a prohibited transaction, suspending or restricting the use of our service, terminating the accounts of violators, or any other corrective action. Please use the Contact Us page to report any violations of this policy.

1. Offensive material, including material that incites racial hatred or promotes discrimination based on race, sex, religion, national origin, physical ability, sexual orientation or age;

2. Obscene material including pornographic material (e.g.: material rated R +18, home porn and hardcore material);

3. Living animals;

4. Intoxicating liquor (except where the seller is properly licensed under applicable law), tobacco and home-made alcoholic beverages;

5. Firearms and ammunition;

6. Stolen goods;

7. Advertisements;

8. Items that infringe another party's copyright, patent, trademark, design right, database right, or other intellectual property or other proprietary right (e.g.: pirated software, CDs, videos and DVDs, OEM software and so on).

9. Illegal or prescription drugs;

10. Items whose sale, distribution or offering for sale is prohibited by any applicable law;

11. Items whose sale is subject to export restrictions (e.g.: Cuban cigars, certain encryption

software and so on);

12. Offensive weapons, poisons and dangerous substances (as defined by the applicable law or laws);

13. Any other types of products that in our discretion are to be excluded from listing and/or sale using our service.

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