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Your Business Information

Before you can offer services and get paid, you need to provide some essential information about your business.

You can find where to add and edit this information on the Settings menu, under Service Provider:

  • Background Checks
  • Service Locations
  • Licenses and Insurance

Note: In addition to this Selling Services business information, you must comply with any and all Seller Compliance checks required by Amazon.

Background Checks

To maintain a high standard for customers, we require all in-home technicians to successfully pass background checks before offering and fulfilling services on Amazon. For details, see the Manage Staff help page.

Service Locations

Provide information about where you perform your services. This might include coverage areas you support for in-home services as well as locations of your stores.

Licenses and Insurance Information

We require all businesses to hold the appropriate licenses, registrations, and certifications for performing the services being offered on Amazon. Technicians must also have valid qualifications, licenses and certifications for the work they perform. For more information about licensing requirements, see Licensing Requirements. For more information about insurance requirements, see Selling Services Terms.

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