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Ad placements for Sponsored Products

Sponsored Products displays ads in a variety of places across Amazon to make it easier for shoppers to find your products. Ads can appear in desktop, tablet and mobile browser and app placements.

Additionally, Amazon continually tests new ad placements and designs to deliver the best shopping experience possible.

When there are new ad placements, you might see an increase in impressions, clicks and sales for your campaigns. You can review your results in Campaign Manager and in your advertising reports. Amazon continually analyses the performance of new ad placements.

You do not need to make any changes to your campaigns to take advantage of these new ad placements. However, you might want to evaluate your campaign budgets, as the new placements might lead to increased impressions and clicks for your ads, which can result in increased spend.

Ad placement examples

Here are examples of ad placements:

Top of search

Ads can appear in the top row of search results.

Middle of search

Ads can appear in the middle of search results.

Bottom of search

Ads can appear in the bottom of search results.

Desktop browse

Ads can appear in the last row of the browse results page for category-specific browse pages.

Detail pages

Ads can appear after product information on detail pages.

Tablet browser

Ads can appear in the last rows of search results.

Mobile browser

Ads can appear in the last rows of search results.

Mobile app

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