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Product and keyword metrics

To understand your keyword and ad performance for a given campaign, you can select a specific ad group to view performance for a Sponsored Products campaign, or review the keyword performance metrics under the Keywords tab for a Sponsored Brands campaign.

Sponsored Products ad metrics

You can find these Sponsored Products ad metrics under the Ads tab.


The number of impressions the ad received.


The number of times the ad was clicked.


How much you spent on clicks for the ad.


The total product sales generated from clicks on your ad.


Advertising Cost of Sales (ACoS) is the percentage of sales spent on advertising. ACoS = total spend ÷ total sales x 100

Keyword metrics

You can find these keyword metrics under the Keywords tab for Sponsored Brands or Sponsored Products campaigns with manual targeting.


Sponsored Brands use phrase or exact match types.


Campaign status Details Recommendations API Section
Delivering The keyword is eligible to show in ad placements. You can observe keyword performance over time in Campaign Manager and download campaign performance reports for further analysis. Learn more about campaign performance reports.
Paused The keyword is set to Paused. To enable your keyword, select Enable, located next to the ad name.
Archived The keyword is set to Archived. The keyword cannot be enabled or paused.
Not approved Moderation of keywords. Applies only to Sponsored Brands.
Pending review Amazon is reviewing the keyword and will deliver ads once approved. Applies only to Sponsored Brands.
Out of Budget The campaign has exceeded the daily budget. Ads in this campaign will not be shown again until midnight when the daily budget is reset. Make one of the following changes:
  • To change the Campaign daily budget, select the campaign name and then select Campaign Settings.
  • To change or remove the Sponsored Products daily budget cap, go to all campaigns in Campaign Manager and select Advertising Settings.
Note: The campaign budget cap is only available for Sponsored Products at this time.
Payment Failure Your payment method (such as credit, debit or deposit) was either deactivated, had insufficient funds or was recently changed. To change your payment method, go to Settings > Account Info. Under Payment Information, click Charge Methods for Advertising to edit an existing payment method or add a new one. Learn more about payment failure.

Estimated win rate

Provides a realistic percentage of how many eligible impressions your keyword might receive.

Keyword bid

The maximum amount you will pay for a click when this keyword triggers your ad. Custom keyword bids will override default bids.


The number of impressions the keyword received.


The number of times the ad was clicked.

Clickthrough rate (CTR)

The percentage of shoppers who see your and also click on it, calculated as clicks divided by impressions.

Cost-per-click (CPC)

The average amount paid for a click on the keyword, calculated as total spend divided by the number of clicks.


The total amount you have spent on clicks for a keyword.

Sponsored Brands sales

Includes sales made for products you have advertised as well as sales in your brand made by Amazon and other sellers as a result of your ad campaign.

Advertising Cost of Sales (ACoS)

The percentage of sales for your brand that were the result of your advertising campaign. Reflects how well your campaign results in product sales as well as raising overall awareness of your brand. ACoS = total spend ÷ total brand sales x 100


Return on advertising spend (RoAS) divides the balance produced in sales by the balance spent on advertising (Sales/Advertising Spend). It is simply an inverse of ACoS, so RoAS = 1/ACoS. Unlike ACoS, it is represented as a number that is interpreted as an index (multiplier) rather than %. RoAS = total sales ÷ total spend.

Currently, RoAS is only available through downloadable reports.

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