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Fulfilment by Amazon fees

Fulfillment by Amazon fees depend on:

  • The type of product being sold (media or non-media)
  • The size and weight of each item (standard or oversize)
  • Which channels the items are sold on (, other Amazon European websites, or sales channels which are not related to Amazon)

Fees are charged for order fulfilment and for inventory storage.

Storage fees are charged for all units stored in Amazon fulfillment centers per calendar month, based on your daily average volume measured in cubic meters. In addition to the regular inventory storage fee, long-term storage fees are charged monthly to any units that have been in an Amazon fulfillment center for more than 365 days.

For a definition of media, non-media, standard and oversized items, as well as for the breakdown of the Fulfilment by Amazon fees (both order fulfilment and inventory storage fees), please refer to the pricing page in the Fulfillment by Amazon pricing section of the Amazon Services Europe website.

Note: Unit weights, dimensions and other measures used to calculate fees are as determined by Amazon and are subject to variations based on packaging. Dimensions include item packaging and may change based on packaging type.

What tools can help me easily understand Fulfilment by Amazon fees?

Use the Fulfilment by Amazon Revenue Calculator for a real-time comparison between the approximate costs of handling fulfilment by your own means and those of Fulfilment by Amazon.

The Fee Preview enables you to view and understand the estimated Selling on Amazon and fulfilment fees for products in your FBA inventory. You can see the estimate on the Manage Inventory page in the column entitled Fee Preview. When you click on the estimated figure, a screen appears with a breakdown of the various anticipated fee components.

Are there discounts on Fulfilment by Amazon fees?

Promotional discounts on Fulfilment by Amazon fees are regularly offered through the "Promo Rebate" programmes. We email details to eligible sellers inviting them to sign up or participate in the rebate programme.

How will I be charged for Fulfilment by Amazon fees?

All fees are deducted at the time of sale from the total amount the buyer pays for the product. The remaining balance can be viewed under the Payments section of the Reports tab of your seller account and will eventually be disbursed to your bank account.

Will I receive credit for shipping for my Amazon-fulfilled products?

Amazon-fulfilled orders may qualify for free shipping, according to the Amazon shipping rules. In such cases, we do not charge shipping fees to your customers nor do we remit or debit shipping fees from your seller account.

If, however, a customer is charged for shipping and/or gift wrap services, this revenue is part of your sales transaction and will be remitted with the amount of the item price revenue to your seller account. These revenues will appear as "Delivery" and "Gift-wrap" in your Settlement report. After that, we will charge you an amount equal to any shipping and/or gift wrap fee charged to the buyer. Such transactions are called "Shipping Chargeback" or "Gift-wrap Chargeback" in the Settlement report. In some cases, "Delivery" or "Gift-wrap Chargeback" transactions might be lower than the amounts that were originally remitted to your Amazon Seller Account. However, this does not impact the amount paid for shipping and/or gift-wrapping by the buyer.

Will I still have to pay Sell on Amazon fees for each product sold through Fulfilment by Amazon?

All sellers are charged sales charges on the purchase price of the product for the advantage of selling their products on one or more of Amazon Marketplaces.

This fee varies depending on the product category and the Amazon Marketplace your item is listed under. To determine the sales fee on a product ordered through, please refer to our Selling on Amazon Pricing page.

Shipments sent at your request to fulfil orders placed anywhere other than on Amazon marketplaces (e.g. for orders placed on your own website) will not be charged Sell on Amazon fees.

How will you bill me for Fulfilment by Amazon?

We will send you an electronic invoice once a month via email for any fees or other amounts due. You will also be required to provide credit card information and authorise us to charge your credit card for outstanding fees owed by you. If you are a Selling on Amazon seller, we will generally deduct the fees from proceeds credited to your seller account and withhold the fees from the disbursement of funds to you.

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