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Registering Products for Fulfilment by Amazon

Are any types of products not eligible for Fulfilment by Amazon?

Yes. The Amazon Services Europe Business Solutions Agreement sets forth products that are excluded from Fulfilment by Amazon. You can find a comprehensive list of such products on the “Product Restrictions” page. Please note that some products excluded from Fulfilment by Amazon may nevertheless be eligible for sale on other Amazon websites. However, you will need to handle fulfilment for these products yourself.

How do I register my products for Fulfilment by Amazon?

You will first need to create a listing in your Amazon Seller Account for each product you intend to sell. Once you have listed your inventory on Amazon, you can then convert it to be “Fulfilled by Amazon” in the following way:

  • Click on “Manage Inventory” in your Amazon Selling Account to open the “All Inventory” view,
  • Tick the checkbox next to the items you wish to ship to our Fulfilment Centres,
  • Select “Change to Fulfilled by Amazon” in the “Actions” drop-down menu above the list and
  • Following the prompts on the “Convert to 'Fulfilled by Amazon'” page to complete the process

If you use one of the Inventory File Templates to list your products, you must enter "AMAZON_EU" for the “Fulfilment Centre ID” field in order to list those products for Fulfilment by Amazon.

Further information on Inventory Feeds can be found on the “How to List FBA Products in Bulk with Flat File Feeds” page.

Is there a minimum number of converted or listed products required to register for FBA?

No. Fulfilment by Amazon has no minimum number of items required to be converted and shipped. You can choose to send one test item only if you wish.

Is there any other information needed to register products for Fulfilment by Amazon?

The FBA Fulfilment Attributes template enables you to add product dimensions and other important information to existing listings to enable us to fulfil a product correctly. This is a one-time process for each ASIN. Once you have uploaded the attributes for an ASIN, you will no longer need to use the feed unless the attributes change.  Alternatively, you can choose to do this item by item from within the Manage my inventory field.

Further information on Inventory Feeds can be found on the “How to List FBA Products in Bulk with Flat File Feeds” page.

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