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Handling Customer Inquiries, Feedback and Returns

Will Amazon handle all customer enquiries for Amazon-fulfilled products?

We manage all customer service relating to the fulfilment of products sold by you through Amazon. Customer enquiries related to product specifications and other non-shipping related questions such as VAT invoice requests are addressed to you.

How is feedback for Amazon-fulfilled sold products handled?

Customers can leave feedback for sellers on orders that are fulfilled by Amazon. We never filter or remove feedback that is not specifically related to the fulfilment aspect of the order.

If a customer leaves negative feedback for a seller on account of a failure on behalf of Amazon in the fulfilment process, we can remove the negative feedback under the following conditions:

  • The product sold was fulfilled by Amazon.
  • The buyer purchase rating is between 1 and 3 (inclusive).
  • The buyer answers "Yes" to the "Item as described" question.
  • The buyer answers "No" to the "Arrived on Time" question.

Will Amazon issue a VAT invoice to the buyer for my Amazon-fulfilled products?

Amazon does not issue VAT invoices on behalf of sellers. It is your sole responsibility to fulfil all legal and VAT requirements relating to issuing VAT invoices to customers for sales transactions. If you are unsure of your VAT obligations, we strongly recommend that you verify the implications of these obligations these with your local tax office or contact your tax advisor.

If you are not able to issue VAT invoices, please indicate this on the relevant pages of your Seller Profile in your Amazon Seller Account. Please contact buyers to resolve any issues directly with them for orders which are already complete and for which you are not able to issue a VAT invoice. This could be, for example, a partial refund or the return of the product.

In the event of buyers contacting the Amazon Customer Service team with VAT invoice requests, we advise them to contact sellers directly. If this fails, we will inform them that they can return the products and refund them, debiting your Amazon Seller Account accordingly.

Does Amazon handle all customer returns and refunds for Amazon-fulfilled products?

Amazon processes customer returns and refunds in accordance with our returns policy, the FBA Service Terms and the Selling on Amazon Service Terms. Our Online Returns Support Centre provides customers with help pages and details about how to contact us. If the customer wants to return a product, we will direct them to our online Returns Centre.

If a return or refund request relates to a product you did not sell through the Amazon website (e.g. the Multi-Channel Fulfilment network), you will be solely responsible for the return and/or refund.

What happens to returned products?

If a returned unit was sold on Amazon and it can still be sold in the same condition as previously listed; we automatically place it back in your inventory and will be available for sale. However, if we determine that the product is no longer in the same condition as previously listed, we will mark it as "Unfulfillable" in your seller account. In such cases, you must notify us within 30 days whether Amazon should dispose of the product or return it to you. Failing this, we may choose to dispose of it, or return it to you at your own expense.

If the product was not sold through an Amazon website and was fulfilled using the Multi-Channel Fulfilment Network, the return will be directed to you.

How can I identify which products have been returned to Amazon and whether the buyer has received a refund?

The Fulfilment by Amazon reporting area in your selling account contains a downloadable report on returns under customer concessions. The Payments section within the Reports tab of your account will show all customer refunds.

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