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Growing your business with Fulfilment by Amazon

What are some of the tools that may help me excel at using Fulfilment by Amazon?

The Scan & Ship workflow, the Storage Monitor, Replenishment Alerts or Fulfilment by Amazon Reports are some of the tools you can use in your Seller Account. Details can be found under the help section in your seller account.

What is Scan & Ship?

Scan & Ship is a workflow that enables you to build an inbound shipment by scanning units using a barcode scanner, printing labels immediately and adding the units to a shipment with another quick scan. Scan & Ship can be accessed through your Amazon Seller Account under the “Shipping Queue” view and is compatible with most USB bar code scanners and most single-label printers (for example: Dymo Label Writer Range) that support a label width between 50mm and 75mm and a label height between 25mm and 50mm.

Further information can be found here.

What is the Storage Monitor?

All sellers are given an inventory storage limit, which is the maximum amount of inventory units a seller using Fulfilment by Amazon can have within Amazon Fulfilment Centres.

The Inventory Storage Monitor in the shipping workflow shows both your inventory storage limit and your current inventory level and this is displayed separately for standard-size and oversize inventory units.

In determining your current inventory level, the Storage monitor takes into account:

  1. Your current inventory in Amazon Fulfilment Centres,
  2. Plus any inbound shipments that have been created but have not yet arrived
  3. Minus any processed removal orders.

When your current inventory level reaches your Inventory Storage Limit amount, you will not be able to create a new inbound shipment to a Fulfilment Centre until your inventory level drops below your Inventory Storage Limit. 

If your business is growing strongly, you may contact Seller Support via the contact us button in your seller account to request a potential in your inventory cap.

Further information can be found here.

What are Replenishment Alerts?

Replenishment Alerts in the “Actions” menu on the "Manage Inventory" page of your Seller account enable you to manage your inventory in Amazon Fulfilment Centres without the need of constantly monitoring each listing.

You can set the alert quantity for individual items or groups of items based on your average sales volume and the time it takes to replenish stock for that item and when the listing's fulfilable quantity reaches your setting, we will notify you by sending you a replenishment alert e-mail. A red “bell” symbol will also appear in the Fulfilable column next to the quantity. This should give you sufficient time to place an order with your suppliers and send a shipment in to our Fulfilment Centre before your inventory is depleted.

Further information can be found here.

What are Fulfilment by Amazon Reports?

Fulfilment by Amazon offers a variety of reports available in your Amazon Selling Account to help you manage your business. For example, you can use reports to track all un-dispatched and dispatched Amazon-fulfilled orders, monitor your inventory levels by viewing a near real-time snapshot of your inventory in Amazon Fulfilment Centres, track customer concessions (e.g. customer returns and replacements) for your Amazon-fulfilled orders or monitor payments (e.g. reimbursements) received and fees charged (e.g. long-term storage fees).

All Fulfilment by Amazon reports are grouped by categories: Sales, Inventory, Payments, Customer Concessions and Removals. For a detailed explanation of the reports available in each of these categories, please click here. You can view report data online or, for larger data sets, schedule a download. Most reports support both options.

I need some tutorials on Fulfilment by Amazon. Where can I find them?

Other Fulfilment by Amazon material can be found here.

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