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Reserved inventory

This Reserved inventory report shows a breakdown of units in your inventory that are in the reserved status.

This tool can also help you to find out more information about units that are in the reserved status.

Inventory in the reserved status may be tied to a customer order, in the process of being shipped between fulfilment centres, or side-lined at a fulfilment centre for additional processing. The report provides real-time data about the number of reserved units in your inventory. Units can be in the reserved status due to the following reasons:

  1. Customer Order – These units are being used to fulfil customer orders.
  2. FC Transfer – These units are being transferred from one fulfilment centre to another to place the inventory closer to customers. Units in FC Transfer status are available for customers to buy. Customers may be shown a future delivery date if no other units are available for immediate fulfilment. Transfers typically take one to five days to complete.
  3. FC Processing – These units have been side-lined at the fulfilment centre for additional processing, such as verification of item dimensions and weight, or pending investigations.
Note: When an inventory is being processed for transfer to another fulfilment centre, the units may appear under both FC Transfer and FC Processing for a short duration. Units in FC transfer are available for sale, but cannot be eligible for Prime delivery until they are transferred to destination FCs. Prime delivery may not be available for your marketplace.

Field definitions

Online header Download header Description
Merchant SKU SKU Stock keeping units (SKUs) are unique blocks of letters or numbers that identify your products. SKUs are assigned by you as a seller.
Fulfilment network SKU FNSKU Unique identifier assigned by Amazon to items stored at and fulfilled from an Amazon fulfilment centre.
ASIN asin Amazon standard identification numbers (ASINs) are unique blocks of 10 letters or numbers that identify items. ASINs are assigned by Amazon. You can find the ASIN on the product detail page.
Title product-name The title of your product.
Reserved quantity reserved_qty The total number of units in the reserved status.
Reserved - customer order reserved_customerorders The number of units reserved for customer orders.
Reserved - FC transfer reserved_fc-transfers The number of units being transferred from one fulfilment centre to another.
Reserved - FC processing reserved_fc-processing The number of units that have been sidelined at the fulfilment centre for additional processing.
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