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This article applies to selling in: United Kingdom

Beer, Wine & Spirits

Amazon sets certain criteria for new sellers in some categories to ensure a high level of quality. The requirements for selling in the Beer, Wine & Spirits category are described below.

While our site-wide selling guidelines still apply, please note the additional requirements for this category.

Seller requirements

  • You must have a return delivery address in the local country or offer free delivery.
  • You must be able to provide local language support for Customer Service in the marketplace in which the sale will take place.
  • You must not sell alcohol to buyers under the minimum drinking age governed under the applicable laws.
  • You must provide acceptable documentation and any other information we request about the products you intend to sell, including information to demonstrate payment of excise duties in the local country.
Note: You can find further information on the responsibilities of food business operators and important legal regulations on the website of the Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety.

Product requirements

  • The products you sell must be new.
  • Each product must have one of the following:
    • A valid GTIN registered and associated with the product
    • GTIN exemption, or
    • Be enrolled on the Brand Registry Programme
  • Alcohol by volume (ABV) values displayed on all product pages.
  • All food products (including alcohol) offered for sale on a European Amazon website must be intended for sale in the EU and comply with all applicable EU and local laws and regulations, including but not limited to food information and labelling regulations (such as Regulation 1169/2011/EC).
  • All food products (including alcohol) offered for sale on a European Amazon website must (as a minimum) be labelled in the language of that website. For example, all food products offered for sale on must (at a minimum) be in German.
Important: To comply with EU policy in Germany, all products that are listed by weight, volume or length must be marked with a base price (the so-called base price policy). To display the base price correctly, Amazon will require information about your product's weight, volume or length.

FBA requirements

  • A company can sell through FBA on all marketplaces, except
  • Amazon Logistics cannot ship alcohol products across borders. In other words, products that are shipped to a fulfilment centre in Germany can only fulfil orders coming from Germany shipping addresses.
  • When shipments are delivered to addresses in Spain, France and Italy, all bottles must be properly prepared. This means that bottles sold individually must be packaged in a box approved for e-commerce. If bottles are sold as a set, they must be packaged in an e-commerce approved carton with dividers.

Excise duty requirements

Excise duty is chargeable in addition to any customs duty on certain goods, including alcohol. The requirements and level of duty payable will differ depending on the country the duty is payable in. For alcohol products, excise duty is payable in the country of consumption.

It is your responsibility to ensure that all applicable excise duties are paid on products that you offer through the Beer, Wine & Spirits category in the local country. This may require registration with the local tax authorities or a duty agent.

You can find more information about the payment of excise duties here:

Special preparation of inbounds containing Beer, Wine & Spirits products in Germany and the UK

All Beer, Wine & Spirits products in Germany and the UK’s Fulfilment by Amazon are prepared by Amazon at specialist fulfilment centres. Please consider the following preparation conditions:

  • Units do not need to be individually prepared/conditioned. If units are received prepared, they will be re-packaged and prepared at the fulfilment centre where they do not meet carrier requirements.
  • Units should be sent in pallets (fulfilling the general requirements for pallet inbound), or another method that ensures that individual units will not break during transport to the fulfilment centre or during inbound (this is the seller’s responsibility).
  • If units are to be sent in cartons, we require cartons to be closed and not include units with two different FNSKUs.
  • With regards to bundles (both mono-product and multi-product), sellers will be responsible for sending the bundled units together in a carton or other packaging with the FNSKU sticker for the bundle ASIN on the packaging (not on each bottle). Preparation services do not include picking and assembling bundles. The packaging does not need to be prepared for delivery to the customer (but should follow the requirements set forth in the second point above) and will be re-packaged and prepared at the fulfilment centre.
  • Each unit needs to be labelled with the FNSKU linked to the country-specific SKU (e.g. For Germany: FNSKU X000000000/MSKU DE-FBA-SKU1). Labelling needs to be done on the product itself, covering the original product barcode. For a better customer experience, we recommend that bottles are labelled with the FNSKU sticker not overlapping any information on the product label
    Note: If the seller is unable to label each specific product, the service “labelling by Amazon” is still possible at a cost of €0.15/£0.15 per unit.

Document requirements

Country of establishment
Local None
  1. Personal and premises alcohol licence
  2. VAT information
  3. Evidence of excise duty paid
Excise number None Standard requirement:
  1. A copy of the extract of the Chamber of Commerce
  2. UTIF license: UTIF license: Licenza Fiscale per la vendita o somministrazione di prodotti alcolici, or Dichiarazione di vendemmia e produzione vinicola
Only for small Italian wine producers:
  1. A copy of the extract of the Chamber of Commerce
  2. Dichiarazione di vendemmia e produzione vinicola
  3. A declaration of being a small wine producer
Non-local None
  1. Alcohol licence from the country of establishment
  2. Evidence of excise duty paid
  3. VAT information
  4. Evidence of labelling compliance
  5. Carrier information
French excise duty number of your bonded warehouse or fiscal representative in France, together with a declaration that states that you mandated such bonded warehouse keeper or fiscal representative to fulfil any obligation regarding excise duties on your behalf None
  1. Excise duty code
  2. UTIF license: UTIF licence: Licenza Fiscale per la vendita o somministrazione di prodotti alcolici
  3. A declaration that you have appointed a fiscal representative in Italy

Next steps

If you are able to meet all of the requirements listed above, click the Request Approval button below. By clicking the button, you are confirming that you have reviewed the requirements above and that you want to apply to sell in the Beer, Wine & Spirits category. We will contact you to request any additional required information once you’ve submitted your request to sell.

Note: You must be logged into the marketplace for which you wish to sell (for example, if you'd like to request approval to sell Beer, Wine & Spirits in France, you must first log in to your account).

Request approval

Once approved, you may begin listing your products by clicking Inventory and then Add a Product.

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