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Beer, Wine & Spirits product types

How can I list beer, wine and spirits?

Using the inventory file template for Beer, Wine & Spirits, various types of alcoholic beverages can be listed with the right product type. Please note that sellers need to be approved to sell products in this category before the listing process takes place.

Our Beer, Wine & Spirits style guide explains the listing requirements that sellers should follow. These requirements also ensure your listings are displayed accurately on the website. The browse tree guide helps you to correctly categorise your products.

Choosing the right product type

The inventory file template for Beer, Wine & Spirits contains the product types for alcohol (Beer, Wine, Spirits) and the product types for listing food (Food, Beverages). The following table shows you how to use the different product types. Please make sure to always use the right product type so that the product can be assigned to the correct category.

Product type (feed_product_type Beer Wine Spirits Food Beverages
Value in data definition Beer Wine Spirits Grocery
Intended use
  • beer
  • cider
  • gift sets with beer or cider
  • non-alcoholic beer
  • NO tools or sets for manufacture of beer
  • wine
  • champagne
  • sparkling wine
  • Prosecco
  • cava
  • ice wine
  • liqueur wine
  • Madeira wine
  • mistela
  • port wine
  • mulled wine
  • mead
  • fruit wine
  • cocktails containing wine
  • gift sets with champagne, sparkling wine or Prosecco
  • non-alcoholic wine, champagne, sparkling wine or Prosecco
  • whisky
  • rum
  • brandy
  • cocktails
  • gin
  • tequila
  • fruit brandy
  • vodka
  • cognac
  • grappa
  • liqueur
  • sherry
  • vermouth
  • gift sets with spirits
  • baby food
  • pasta
  • spices
  • tea
  • coffee
  • juices
  • chocolate
  • muesli
  • snacks
  • gift sets with food

Listing wines without EAN or UPC codes

If the manufacturer or winery of your wine does not issue EANs or UPCs, you can request an EAN/UPC Exemption. If you produce beer, wine or spirits by yourself, you can apply to Amazon Brand Registry to obtain Global Catalogue Identifiers (GCID) unique to your alcoholic beverages.

Vintage – attribute to indicate the vintage nature of a wine

This attribute is mandatory for all wine products as it describes the year the wine was produced. This field may be used for refinement search feature. You will need to use a 4-digit numeric value or ‘NV’, for example 2004. For wines that do not have this value, select ‘NV’ for no vintage information.

Alcohol By Volume (ABV) listing requirements

To sell ASINs that have >0.5% ABV, you must possess licences to sell alcohol before selling them on Amazon. The licences should permit you to sell alcohol to customers from UK premises. These ASINs are to be listed under the Beer, Wine & Spirits category. During the listing creation process, you will be asked to upload your licence certificates in order to unlock your selling privilege in this category.

To sell ASINs that have ≤0.5% ABV, you may be exempted by the Licensing Act 2003 from possessing licences to sell alcohol to customers from a UK premises. In this case, you will list these ASINs under the Grocery category. You need to clearly state the ABV percentage on the product title and in the product attribution (alcohol content) for every ASIN.

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