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This article applies to selling in: United Kingdom

Pan-European FBA ASIN Enrolment

To start receiving the benefits of the Pan-European FBA programme, your ASINs must be enrolled. You can see the status of your products at any time on the Pan-European FBA Inventory page in Seller Central.

Sellers who have multiple countries enabled for inventory placement will now have any ASIN that meets the following criteria enrolled automatically into Pan-European FBA:

  • The ASIN is listed as eligible for Pan-European FBA on the Pan-European FBA Inventory page.
  • The seller has an active offer for the ASIN in each of the Amazon Europe marketplaces listed as required for Pan-European FBA:,, and
  • Each of the EU offers is linked to the same inventory with Fulfillment by Amazon (UK inventory is handled separately).

Initial auto-enrolment of your relevant ASINs in Pan-European FBA will take about 24 hours. After that, any new ASIN that meets the auto-enrolment criteria will be enrolled into Pan-European FBA within about 15 minutes.

Note: As of September 2021, the Pan-European FBA programme includes three new store options:, and Offers in these stores remain optional. You are not required to list beyond the listing requirements stated above to receive Pan-European FBA benefits.

To exclude an ASIN that meets the auto-enrolment criteria from Pan-European FBA, go to the Manage inventory page in Seller Central and deactivate the offer in the marketplace or marketplaces where you do not want to sell the product.

Enrolment Ending Soon status and grace period

There are two reasons why a product could be in ‘Enrolment Ending Soon’ status with a 14-day grace period on the Pan-European FBA Inventory page:

  • The product is missing one or more active offers in the required marketplaces in Europe. To continue receiving the benefits of Pan-European FBA, make sure that you have an active offer in place for each required marketplace before the expiry date shown in the status report.
  • The product eligibility status has changed from eligible to ineligible. ASIN eligibility may change from time to time, and ASINs enrolled on Pan-European FBA can be designated as ineligible by Amazon.

During the grace period, Amazon will continue to transship your inventory cross-border between European fulfilment centres within mainland Europe, and you will continue to pay the fulfilment fee applicable to local inventory. If the grace period expires and you have not fixed the listing issue, you will pay the cross-border fulfilment fee. If you fix the issue before the grace period expires, your product will be automatically restored to the enrolled status.

You will also receive an email notifying you of the number of products for which enrolment is ending soon.

Note: Inventory will not be removed from a fulfilment centre unless you create a removal order to have the inventory disposed of or returned to you. To remove inventory from fulfilment centres across Europe, go to Remove inventory (overview).

Pan-European FBA ASINs can be removed from any fulfilment centre in mainland Europe and charged as a domestic removal if they are returned to your home marketplace if it is within the EU. For more information on removal fees, see Fulfilment by Amazon Pricing page.

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