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Manage your inventory with FBA Small and Light

To disenrol up to 500 SKUs, you can use the Quick Disenrol feature. To disenrol more than 500 SKUs, you must use a template.

How to remove products by using a template

To remove more than 500 SKUs, download the template in step 1 under Disenrol up to 50,000 products on the Small and Light disenrolment page. Then, follow the guidelines below for filling out the template.

  1. Review the Example tab.

    The Example tab shows sample data that you can use as a reference when filling out the Upload tab.

  2. Update the Template tab.

    In the Upload tab, include the MSKUs that you want to remove. Update the following information:

    • Country (Row 1): This is the marketplace from which you are removing your MSKUs.
    • MSKU (Row 4 onward): List all the MSKUs that you want to remove.
  3. Save your file.

    When you have finished filling out the form, save the Upload tab as a tab-delimited .txt file. We strongly recommend saving the file for future reference.

  4. Upload your file.

    Upload your tab delimited text file (.txt) in the second step on the Disenrol products tab.

  5. Wait for processing to complete.

    When the status of the upload is Done, read the status report. For MSKUs that generated errors, refer to the error messages in the report.

Send products to Amazon

For information about creating a shipping plan, go to Shipping products to Amazon.

Create a Small and Light inventory report

Go to the Small & Light Inventory report to find your enrolled products and current inventory levels.

Barcode requirements

Small and Light barcodes have the same requirements as standard FBA barcodes. As such, individual barcodes are required on each unit.

Products without a manufacturer barcode require an Amazon barcode. You can print Amazon barcodes from your seller account and apply the barcodes yourself. You can also sign up for the FBA Label Service if you would rather have Amazon apply the labels for you.

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