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Pause keywords with bulk operations

You can pause keywords in a manually targeted campaign by uploading a bulk file.

First, download a bulk file following directions in Create a Bulk File forSponsored Products.

Tip: Once you have downloaded the file, open it in a spreadsheet application such as Excel. Create a filter so you can easily sort and filter the data to find the information you need.

Note: A keyword can be enabled, paused, or archived. However,once it has been archived you cannot change the status back to enabled or paused. Archived keywords remain available for future reference. If you plan to use a keyword later, set it to paused instead of archived.

Pause keywords in an existing campaign   

  1. Open the bulk file in a spreadsheet application such as Excel
  2. Filter the Record Type column for “keyword” and locate the keywords you want to pause
  3. For each keyword enter “pause” in the Status column
  4. Save the file to your hard drive
  5. Upload the file to Campaign Manager following instructions in    Create a Bulk File for Sponsored Products
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