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Frequently Asked Questions about Automate Pricing

How long does it take for automated repricing to come into effect?

For rules you have already created, price updates are usually processed in less than 15 minutes, but may take longer under certain circumstances. For new rules or changed rule parameters, it can take up to 1 hour for all SKUs assigned to the rule to reprice according to the new parameters.

Why don't some of my SKUs appear in the Edit SKUs window?

Automate Pricing only displays active SKUs in your catalogue. If an SKU is inactive, it will not appear in Automate Pricing. Select Inventory, then Manage Inventory to see your inactive listings.

I automated pricing on an SKU, but now I cannot see it in Automate Pricing. Where is my SKU?

Automate Pricing only displays active SKUs in your catalogue. Your SKU may be inactive either due to being out of stock or because of a potential price error.

If your SKU is inactive, it will surface again when the SKU is reactivated (for example, back in stock).

Your Minimum Price and Your Maximum Price apply as a safeguard on your price whenever a Minimum and Maximum price are present. If you manually price an item below Your Minimum Price or above Your Maximum Price, Amazon safeguards your business by suppressing (not displaying) the offer; this makes your SKU inactive due to a potential price error.

  • To view items that are hidden due to price errors, select Pricing, then Fix Price Alerts.

To add Your Minimum Price and Your Maximum Price, complete the following steps:

  1. Select Pricing, then Manage Pricing.


    Select Inventory, then Manage Inventory.

  2. Select Preferences.
  3. Check Your Minimum Price and Your Maximum Price.
  4. Select Save changes.

Note: When you edit Your Minimum Price or Your Maximum Price from Manage Pricing or Manage Inventory, Automate Pricing is applied to your new price.

How much does Automate Pricing cost?

Automate Pricing is included in the Professional selling plan.

How can I see what my price currently is on an SKU that has automated pricing?

You can see your current price on an SKU with automated pricing from any screen where the SKU and Your Price are displayed. This includes Manage Inventory, Manage Pricing, Automate Pricing and Business Reports.

I automated my price to beat the Buy Box; why didn't I win the Buy Box?

Lowering your price helps you compete for the Buy Box; but you also need to meet performance-based requirements in areas such as inventory availability, fulfilment and customer service. Learn more about Buy Box eligibility.

My price has changed; why can't I see that the price on the product detail page?

Price updates are usually processed in less than 15 minutes, but may take longer under certain circumstances. If the price change should have occurred within this timeframe but has not, please contact Seller Support for additional help.

How do I control access to Automate Pricing for users on my account?

You can control who in your business can access Automate Pricing. From your seller account, go to Settings, then User Permissions. Find the user and select Edit. Under Pricing, you can customise that user's access to Automate Pricing.

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