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Seller Fulfilled Prime performance metrics

To remain eligible for Seller Fulfilled Prime, you must meet the following performance metrics on Seller Fulfilled Prime orders:

  • On-time shipment rate of at least 99%
  • Use of Buy Shipping for at least 98% of orders
  • A cancellation rate of no more than 0.5%
  • An on-time delivery rate of at least 97% on Prime orders when shipping is purchased outside of Buy Shipping services

Use your performance dashboard to 1) see these metrics and 2) download a defects report to review any orders that have affected your metrics.

List of performance metrics

On-time shipment

The on-time shipment rate is the number of Seller Fulfilled Prime units that were shipped on or before the promised shipping date divided by the total number of Seller Fulfilled Prime units shipped.

Parcels are considered shipped when the carrier scans the units for the first time, not when you confirm shipment. To be considered shipped on time, any order that was placed before your order cut-off time must receive a first scan on the same day.

If the parcel was shipped late but delivered on time, it will be counted as on time. To ship on time, make sure that your shipping method delivers your late parcels by the delivery date promised to the customer.

To see what’s affecting your on-time shipment rate, look for orders with an “X” in the Shipped late and Delivered late columns in your defects report.

Note: If the shipping confirmation takes place the day after the actual shipment, Amazon will only be able to track the status after that, which might be regarded as late shipment. You must ship confirm as soon as the shipment occurs.

On-time delivery

The on-time delivery rate is the percentage of Seller Fulfilled Prime units that were delivered on or before the promised delivery date. This rate is the most important to the customer experience. Late deliveries can lead to bad reviews and return or refund requests.

Note: We provide all late-delivery information (even when it doesn’t affect your on-time delivery rate) so that you can work with your carriers to identify and resolve any issues.
If the first delivery attempt was unsuccessful due to an issue not related to the carrier, the order will not affect your on-time delivery rate. For example, if the customer wasn’t present to sign for the parcel.

To see what’s affecting your on-time delivery rate, look for orders with an “X” in the Delivered late column of your defects report. To identify which orders affect both this rate and your Prime eligibility, look for an “X” in Delivered late and Shipped outside Buy Shipping services.

Buy Shipping

Buy Shipping services usage is the percentage of Seller Fulfilled Prime units where shipping was purchased through Buy Shipping. You must purchase at least 98% of Prime units through Buy Shipping to maintain enrolment in the Seller Fulfilled Prime programme. For more information, go to Use Buy Shipping services.

If a customer wants to change their shipping address, ask them to contact Customer Service. Do not cancel the order yourself. The customer must enter updated delivery information for a new order.

To see what’s affecting your Buy Shipping rate, look for orders with an “X” in the Shipped outside Buy Shipping services column of your defects report.

Cancellation rate

Cancellation rate is the number of Seller Fulfilled Prime units cancelled by you before ship-confirmation, divided by the total number of Seller Fulfilled Prime units ordered. To calculate this metric, we consider all cancellations initiated by you for any reason.

A customer can cancel an order up to 30 minutes after placing it with no action required from you. If after 30 minutes of placing an order a customer officially requests an order cancellation, you can cancel the order and it will not count against your cancellation rate metric.

The official process by which a customer can request an order cancellation is by finding the order they want to cancel in their Amazon account, by clicking Your Account > Your Orders > Request cancellation .

You will be notified of an officially requested buyer-initiated cancellation via:

  • Email
  • Manage Orders page on Seller Central
  • Order Reports
  • Orders API response (MWS & SP-API)

For more information, go to Order cancellations.

To see what’s affecting your cancellation rate, look for orders with an “X” in the Order cancelled by seller column of your defects report.

Performance review time frames

Performance is measured over seven- and 30-day time frames. If your performance metrics fall below requirements during the last seven or 30 days, your Prime eligibility may be suspended. If this happens, your Prime status will remain suspended until we have received and accepted a plan of action from you.

How to appeal a suspension

Submit a plan of action that explains:

  • Why your Seller Fulfilled Prime performance fell below programme requirements
  • What actions you are taking to remedy the situation
  • Specific measures from you to avoid the problem in the future

Submit your plan of action and your merchant token to Seller Support.

Other Factors that may Affect your Prime Performance

We understand that some circumstances are out of your control. Factors such as weather, power cuts, order volume spikes, staff absences and mechanical failures can result in late shipments, late deliveries, order cancellations or some combination of the three.

With Control Prime Order Volume, you can reduce the impact of these factors on your Prime performance. The tool allows you to adjust your daily order maximums or temporarily disable the Prime badge entirely until the situation has passed or the issue has been resolved. For more information, go to Control Prime Order Volume.

For smaller-scale issues, such as a carrier lorry breaking down, contact Seller Support. Your circumstances will be considered when your Prime eligibility is reviewed.

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