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This article applies to selling in: United Kingdom

Unsubscribe from VAT Services on Amazon

You can unsubscribe from some or all of your subscribed jurisdictions (countries) with VAT services on Amazon (VISA). Click here to raise the unsubscription request after reading through this help article. Complete all the questions in the form to confirm your unsubscription request.

If you submit the form within the period starting from 21st of the previous month to 20th of the current month, VISA services for the jurisdictions you select in the form will be terminated by end of the current month.

If you submit the form after the 20th of the current month, VISA services for the jurisdictions you select in the form will be terminated by end of next month.

If your Tax Agent is acting as your fiscal representative, the unsubscription request will be effective after one month from above mentioned timelines.

When filling the survey and after you select the reason for cancelling your subscription from selected countries as "Closing business/not obligated to file VAT anymore", in the next step you will be presented with a question that offers you an option to get your VAT registration number deregistered for the selected jurisdictions by not proceeding with the unsubscription. This is to ensure that all your VAT filings continue to be submitted under the current service agreement, as the VAT de-registration process can take up to 12 weeks in some countries.

The risk is that if you proceed with the de-registration of your VAT number in one country after confirming the unsubscription for that country on VAT services on Amazon, your future VAT returns will not be filed under VISA and it will be your responsibility to ensure that all your VAT returns are filed correctly. If you select the option confirming that you don't want to proceed with the unsubscriptions from VISA at this stage as you want to deregister your VAT first, your tax agent will reach out to you to take your consent to deregister the relevant VAT numbers. This is a paid service provided by your tax agent.

You can also process the VAT de-registrations yourself if that is allowed by the relevant tax authority of selected jurisdictions. If you give consent to the tax agent to deregister your VAT number, you have to share the last filing date with your tax partner. The last filing date communicated by you to your tax partner will be utilized by VISA to unsubscribe you from VISA from relevant jurisdictions at the end of following month. On successful deregistration of VAT, VISA will communicate to you about the same. If you have not given consent to your tax agent or if you are not reachable, you have to raise unsubscription request again after deregistering your VAT.

Note that until you are not unsubscribed from VISA, VISA will keep generating filings assuming that you still have a valid VAT number in the jurisdiction. You will therefore continue to be charged for your VAT filings.

You will receive a confirmation email, to the email id provided in the survey, on successfully filling the unsubscription survey. When your unsubscription is effective as per above provided timelines, you will receive confirmation through Paragon case.

Once you are unsubscribed from our services for the specific jurisdictions (countries):

  • Your tax agent will not submit any VAT filings on your behalf or provide any Services to your business related to the current filing cycle (current calendar month or quarter) and onwards for the selected jurisdictions.
  • Your tax agent will inform the respective tax authorities that they will no longer be your tax agent.
  • You will be responsible for any remaining VAT obligations for the relevant jurisdictions and VISA will not take care of these VAT obligations
  • You will be able to access and use VAT Services on Amazon for the jurisdictions to which you are still subscribed. However, you will not be able to access, review or download any VAT report for the jurisdictions once you are unsubscribed.

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