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Why is my credit card listed as invalid?

If your credit card is listed as invalid, payment will be delayed until you update the credit card information in your seller account.

When you enter your credit card number, double check the following:

  • The number you entered should match the number on your credit card.
  • The billing address you entered should match the billing address on your credit card statement.
  • The postcode should not have any spaces.
  • The card is still valid (has not crossed the card expiry date).
  • The card holder’s name you entered should match the card holder’s name on your credit card (in the Latin-script alphabet).

Check with the financial institution to confirm your credit card meets the following criteria:

  • Adequate credit available.
  • No limitations on internet or mail order charges.
  • Is not a ‘prepaid’ card.
  • Chargeable in the currency of the Amazon marketplace where you registered your seller account.

Financial Institution Security Verification

To maintain the already high security standards on Amazon, your financial institution may ask you to complete a security verification prior to authorising your credit card. In this case, you may be asked to enter a unique security code before completing the verification. The code will be sent to you either via SMS or email, whichever you have set up with your financial institution. Alternatively, your financial institution may ask you to verify the transaction using finger-print or facial recognition technology if you have this in place already

If there is a problem with your security verification, you can retry your verification by following the prompts in your Charge Methods, and ensure that:

  • Your name and the name on the card match. The financial institution will send a code only to the card’s owner.
  • You enter the correct code, as prompted.
    Note: A common mistake is to enter the phone number the code is sent from, instead of the code.
  • Your personal information on Your Account is up to date. In case of any issue with verification, we will try contacting you. Add your mobile phone number and download the Amazon app to receive notifications in real time.
If you still get an error message or cannot complete verification successfully, please contact your financial institution or visit your local branch, as they might be able to provide further details on the problem with your verification. Then try completing the process again

Note: It may take up to 48 hours for your card to be authorised. If you continue to experience issues with your card, we recommend entering an alternate credit card.

For information on updating or deleting your credit card, visit How to update my credit card information.

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