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How variations appear on product detail pages

Parent-child relationships help to make search results manageable for customers. For example, you might offer a shirt that comes in four colours and four sizes. Rather than display all 16 unique combinations of the product in search results, only the one product from the parent-child grouping appears. The specific product that appears depends on the category.

Product details pages in the clothing, accessories & luggage, sporting goods and beauty categories

The Clothing, Accessories and Luggage, Sports and Outdoors, and Beauty categories display best-selling parent products in search results and on product detail pages. This means that display elements such as product title and description appear from the data associated with the parent product.

Before customers can purchase the product, they must first use the drop-down menus on the product detail page to indicate which child product they want to purchase. Selecting options from the drop-down menus does not load a new product detail page.

For example, in Clothing, when customers look for a T-shirt, the best-selling parent products appear:

  • When customers select the T-shirt listing, the product detail page shows the parent product.
  • Customers select a size from the drop-down menu.

Product detail pages in all other categories

All other categories display only the best-selling child product in search results and on product detail pages. Display elements such as product title and price appear from the data associated with the best-selling child product.

Clicking on the product loads the product detail page for the best-selling child product. From this page, customers can view other child products from the same grouping using a drop-down menu or product images.

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