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This article applies to selling in: United Kingdom

Organic Foods, Organic Feed and Organic Pet Food

Amazon limits the addition of new sellers in certain categories to ensure a high level of quality so that customers are able to buy with confidence from all Amazon sellers. In order to sell organic foods, you will have to meet the requirements listed below. While our site-wide selling guidelines still apply, please note the additional requirements for this type of product.

Seller requirements

  • You must provide acceptable documentation (for example, valid invoices) and other information that we request about the products that you intend to sell.
  • Your business must be physically present in the EU.
  • Your products must be shipped to Amazon (FBA) or to the customer (MFN) from within the EU.
  • Your business must be certified in its own name according to EU Regulations 834/2007 and 889/2008, as amended. You must submit your certificate to the e-mail address below.
  • Your certification details must be included on your Seller Page (Settings > Your Info & Policies > About Seller) using the template provided below:

    [Your business name as indicated on your certificate] is certified to sell organic foods by [the name of the control body who issued the certificate,] ([the control body's code]). Our certificate is available from our control body under the certificate reference [your certificate's unique number].

Missing, incorrect or incomplete information may lead to suspension of your listings or account. For more information, please contact any one of the control bodies who has been appointed by your Government's competent authority. Contact details, including control body codes, are available here .

Certificate Exemptions

In certain EU countries, and under very specific circumstances only, certain businesses may be exempt from certification. If this applies to you, please get a written confirmation from one of the control bodies appointed to make such statements. The list of appointed control bodies is available on the Europa OFIS website. The statement must clearly refer to the online sale of food products, via Amazon warehouses for FBA sellers or via a third-party website for MFN sellers. Amazon cannot accept statements from authorities not listed in the above list.

Suggested template: [The name of the control body] confirms that [your business name] is not required to be certified under EC 834/2007 and EC 889/2008 when [shipping organic foods to Amazon] [listing organic foods on the Amazon websites].

Spain-based sellers only: if your business is registered in Spain and you do not manufacture or otherwise own the product's brand, Amazon will not require proof of certification until further notice*. Instead, please provide a screenshot of the (AESAN website) proving that you are registered as a food business in Spain and confirm in writing that you hold and verify the certificates of the organic foods that you list on Amazon.

*If you do hold a valid organic certificate in your name, you may still provide your certificate if you want to, as a complement to your food business registration.

Certificate requirements

  • The name of the business on the certificate must be the same you have registered with on Amazon. If the name is different, you must provide a valid explanation (for example, the certificate is in the name of your brand instead of your business name).
  • The business address on the certificate must be the same as the one you are registered on Amazon with. The address must be an EU address.
  • The scope of products or product types listed on your certificate must match.
  • The control body number and address must be present.
  • The certificate must not be expired.
  • After the initial un-gating, and before your certificate expires, you must submit your new certificate to Amazon.

Product requirements

  • The products that you sell must be new.
  • All products must be intended for sale in the EU and compliant with all of the EU (or local country's) Laws and Regulations.
  • For each product, a valid barcode (product identifier) registered and associated with the product is required.
    Note: If the manufacturer of your product does not issue product identifiers (EAN, UPC or JAN), you can contact Seller Support to request an exemption. If you are the brand owner, apply for the Amazon Brand Registry to obtain GCIDs that are unique to your products.
  • The products must bear all applicable organic marks.
  • The ASIN's "item_name" attribute must include one of the words legally prescribed to describe organic foods (Annex of EC 834/2007), in the language of the website your listing appears on.
  • The following ASIN attributes must be set as follows:
    • contains_food_or_beverage = true
    • speciality = Organic
  • The ASIN's certification marks must be visible and legible on the detail page, either as text or as a product image.
  • The detail pages must match exactly the information on the pack. Any reference to the "organic" status of the product must be reflected in the ASIN text and descriptions.

Request Approval

If you meet all of the requirements listed above, request approval by sending your certificate via e-mail to In your request, please provide the link to your own Storefront; your company name; and, if known, your Seller ID. By submitting your request, you confirm you have reviewed and understood the requirements listed above and you want to apply to sell organic foods. We may contact you to request additional information after you submit your request.

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