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In which categories can I sell?

There are categories you can sell in as soon as you register as a seller (open categories) and categories that require approval before you can list your products.

For more details, refer to Overview of Categories.

To review criteria for selling in restricted categories and to access the approval application form, see Categories and products requiring approval

How can I get my products listed so I can start selling?

You have two options for listing your products:

How do I evaluate my product’s condition?

Using condition types helps you to list offerings in a range of conditions. While you can specify a condition type for a given product, the available condition types vary across categories. Additionally, certain categories only allow listings for new products. For a list of condition types available for each category, see the Condition guidelines.

Can I create a listing without providing all the product attributes?

Amazon uses product attributes, including the standard product identifier (UPC, EAN, JAN or ISBN), for product matching, which adds your offer to an existing Amazon catalogue entry.

Most products already exist in the Amazon catalogue. When a product does not yet exist in the catalogue, you can create a new product detail page. In this case, you would need to provide all the required product information.

What is a product identifier. Do I need it for listing my products?

Most categories require sellers to use a product identifier to create new product pages and offer listings on the Amazon website. The most common identifier used by sellers is a Universal Product Code (UPC), a 12-digit product identifier. Each UPC uniquely identifies the product, manufacturer and its attributes. Typically, the UPC and its barcode are printed on a product’s label or packaging.

Amazon requires standard product identifiers, such as UPCs (or EAN or JAN for Europe and Japan, respectively), to create product detail pages and to match new offers to existing pages in the Amazon catalogue. For most product categories, sellers must supply either a UPC, an EAN or a JAN. For Books, we require an /ISBN, where available, but sellers may also list pre-ISBN books.

In some cases, sellers may be exempted from standard product ID requirements. However, we recommend using a standard product ID in all cases, particularly when creating a new product page. This helps to improve the quality of search results and the quality of the Amazon catalogue as a whole.

For more information, see Product UPCs and GTINs and Find your product ID.

How can I obtain a product identifier for my product?

If you do not have the product identifier for your product, you should request it from the manufacturer. If you manufacture the product yourself, visit the GS1 website to request a product identifier.

Can I use XML for integrating with Amazon?

Sellers with a Professional selling plan do not have the possibility to use XML integration unless they integrate through a third-party integration company.

For information about using XML to upload your product listings, refer to the XML Guide (includes XSDs).

How do I list products that differ by size and colour?

If you sell similar products that vary by attributes such as size, you can use parent/child relationships (also called variation themes) to group these products. When you create parent/child relationships between products, you help customers find different versions of the product they are viewing. For example, the product detail page for a T-shirt might include links to the same shirt in a larger size, or in a different colour.

For more information, see Product Variations.

Are there any products that are prohibited to sell on Amazon?

Yes. Products offered for sale on Amazon must comply with all laws and regulations and with Amazon’s policies. The sale of illegal or unsafe products or products that violate Amazon policy is strictly prohibited. For more information, see Restricted products.

What are the requirements for the product images that I upload?

Every product listed on Amazon needs one or more product images. Images are very important to customers, so quality matters. Choose images that are clear, easy to understand, information-rich and attractively presented. For our image guidelines, see Product image requirements.

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