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Padded cot bumpers

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What are padded cot bumpers?

Padded cot bumpers are fabric pads that line the interior perimeter of a cot, intended to prevent a baby’s head and limbs from bumping into or being stuck between the slats.

Why is it restricted?

We prohibit sales of these products at a global level due to the following reasons:

  • Lack of efficacy and known safety risk for babies including slat entrapment of arms and legs.
  • Usage of the cot bumper to climb out or fall out of the cot.
  • Entrapment under or between the cot bumper and the side of the cot.
  • Near-strangulation or entanglements involving the ties or threading on cot bumpers.
  • Choking or ingestion of small parts (decorations or ties from the cot bumpers).

What is not restricted?

Mesh cot bumpers and cot rail covers.

Images of unrestricted products: Images of restricted products:
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