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Amazon Handmade: Getting Started Guide

Welcome to Amazon Handmade. We want your selling journey with Amazon Handmade to be a great one, so we have created this guide to help you along the way.

If you have any questions about the content here or in any of the links we provide, please contact our Handmade support team via Contact Us in Seller Central.

  1. A professional selling plan is required to list and sell your products in Amazon Handmade. At this point, you should already have the professional selling plan enabled on your account. To verify this, go to Account Info and check Sell on Amazon, under Your Services section. This should say ‘Professional’.
    • The professional selling plan unlocks the features required for listing products in the Handmade category. We will waive the monthly fee after your first month, as long as you are approved to sell in Amazon Handmade.
    • If you do not have the professional selling plan enabled, go to Switch to a Professional selling plan for step-by-step instructions.
  2. Go to Add a Product page to create your first listing.
    • Select a Category and Sub Category that best fits your product.
    • Provide the required information to create your listing.
      • Tabs with a red exclamation mark in a circle indicate tabs that have required entries.
      • Fields within a tab marked with an asterisk (*) are fields that require an entry.
      • Click Advanced View to display additional tabs that contain fields where you can provide additional details. We recommend that you provide bullet points and keywords to ensure that customers can find your products.
    • Click on Save & Publish.

    Alternatively, you can upload listings in bulk by using Inventory files to upload products to your account.

    For more information, refer to List your products.

    Note: Most listings go live in an hour, but it can take 3 to 4 hours until your listing is synchronised and searchable on the website.
  3. Get discovered. Being discovered by customers takes a combination of best practices and patience. There is no perfect recipe for success, but here are a few tips that will improve your chances at being discovered and display higher in search results:
    • Make sure that the Product titles are clear and succinct, so that customers can find them when searching.
    • Customers shop visually, so use high quality Product images to display your products in the best possible light. We recommend that your main image is on a white background and other images showing the product in use. Remember, no text, logos, graphics or watermarks are allowed on your main image.
    • Optimise Product description and Bullet Points. Your product description should be a concise but friendly overview of your product and its uses. Your Bullet points (1000 characters, max) will reflect specific features of your products, such as size, colour, scent, metal and age restriction/other warnings.
    • Use Search terms and Style keywords. You will find these fields on the Keywords tab. Using the right keywords (the ones that customers would use to search for your products) will guide customers to your listings.
    • Set expectations accordingly by entering the production time (time needed to create the product) for each listing. You will find this field in Offer tab while creating your listing. Faster and accurate delivery promises help ensure a good customer experience and may improve sales.
      Note: Sellers that offer a delivery time frame of less than 14 days can generate up to a 20% increase in glance views for their listings.
    • Consider listing variations. Variations are similar products, differing in size, colour, metal type, etc. displayed on a single detail page. Having your listings consolidated under a single detail page allows you to consolidate your reviews.
  4. Consider the best shipping options for your products. Maintaining accurate shipping times is critical in establishing trust with customers and maintaining a strong seller performance rating.
    • Consider Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) to deliver your Handmade products. With FBA, you ship your products to one of our fulfilment centres and when a customer places an order, Amazon delivers it for you.
      1. Your products are eligible for Amazon Prime FREE Two-Day Delivery, FREE Shipping and more.
      2. Customers get Amazon’s trusted customer service and returns.
      3. Our services let your business scale quickly.
      4. It is cost-effective.
    • Consider offering free delivery. Customers love free delivery, and cite it as a primary influence when making their online purchase decisions.
  5. Create your Maker Profile. Use the link to your Maker Profile to drive traffic to your store via your social media channels.
  6. Advertise on Amazon with Sponsored products. Sponsored products is an advertising service that helps you promote the products you list on Amazon.
  7. Stay connected with the larger Handmade community by joining our Facebook group or visiting the Handmade Forums .

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