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Error 6000: ValueName Is Malformed

The value ValueName in the field FieldName is malformed.

This error occurs when you provide an image URL that does not agree with the format described in the data definitions for that field. Common reasons why this error may occur include:

  • Not including http:// at the beginning of your image URL.
  • Listing an image URL that begins with https://, indicating a secure server.
  • Not ending your image URL with a valid file extension such as .jpg or .gif.
To resolve this error, please modify your image URL so that it follows the guidelines described in the data definitions and resubmit your data.

If you are using images associated with a Yahoo! store and your images do not end in .jpg or .gif, you can try the following:

  1. Navigate to your image using Internet Explorer for Windows
  2. Right-click on the image.
  3. Choose Properties from the contextual menu
  4. Make note of the file type for your image. It will generally be either JPEG or GIF.
  5. If the file type for your image is JPEG, add .jpg to your image URL. If the file type for your image is GIF, add .gif to your image URL.
  6. Resubmit your image URL.
If you are unable to provide a valid image URL, you can manually upload your product images using the Manage Inventory feature in Seller Central. For more information, please refer to the Manage My Inventory help topic.
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