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This article applies to selling in: United Kingdom

Best practices to maintain Premium Shipping Options (PSO)

Review the PSO Order Defect report

PSO order defect report identifies the orders that missed any of the fulfilment performance requirements for PSO, including On-Time Delivery Rate, Pre-fulfilment Cancel Rate and Valid Tracking Usage Rate. To download a new report, go to Eligibilities, and click Defect report.

For more information, click here.

Review regional coverage for PSO

In each shipping template, you can customise the geographic regions you wish to deliver to and the service levels and fees you wish to offer for each region. You can remove, add or edit existing shipping regions or create new ones by grouping different regions. Make sure to add the regions for which your Carrier is able to meet the delivery promise.

Note: Most carriers in the United Kingdom are only able to provide fast delivery only in England, Scotland, and Wales.

Use a fully tracked premium service and upload valid Tracking IDs

For Premium Shipping Options (One-Day and Two-Day Shipping), you have to use a fully tracked Premium service (Next Day or Two-Day shipping) with one of the following Carriers and upload a valid Tracking ID. In order to add a valid Tracking ID you need to enter Carrier name and Ship Method fields correctly, or we may not be able to validate the ID.

Find here and below the list of eligible carriers in the United Kingdom:

Approved Carrier for Premium Shipping Options
Royal Mail (only Tracked 24/48 or Special Guaranteed Delivery)
DX Freight
Note: Royal Mail 24/48 and 1st/2nd class services are not fully tracked services and only provide delivery confirmation. For Premium Shipping Options, Sellers will be required to used Royal Mail Tracked 24/48 or Special Guaranteed Delivery in order to avoid losing their eligibility for having a low tracking rate.

Check what ASINs are enrolled against PSO template

Make sure to identify what ASINs are enrolled in shipping templates where Premium Shipping options is available and you are able to dispatch these ASINs same day using one of our approved Carrier and service.

Note: You still might receive Premium Shipping orders on ASINs enrolled on inactive Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP) templates.

In this case, we recommend you to consider one of the following options:

  1. Update the delivery costs accordingly
  2. Remove ASINs from SFP template and move it to another shipping template

For more information, click here.

Prioritise Premium orders

Make sure to prioritise Premium orders to main eligibility. To filter your Premium orders, visit Orders tab in Seller Central, click Manage Orders, then refine search by selecting Premium under Shipping services. You can also identify Premium orders in Order reports and through API looking at the filter “Is Premium (Y/N)”. This can help you to prioritise PSO orders.

We recommend you to prioritise PSO orders and not using ship costs to determine what shipping service to use.

Use Buy Shipping services for your PSO orders

If you already use Buy Shipping services for Seller Fulfilled Prime orders, we recommend you to also consider Buy Shipping for your Premium orders.

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