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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I enable weekend operations for both Prime and non-Prime offers?

Enabling operation on either Saturday or Sunday is mandatory for Prime offers. Enabling weekend operations for non-Prime offers is optional.

Turning on weekends as operational under General Fulfilment Settings will impact all non-Prime ship options (Standard and 1-day, 2-day Premium Shipping). If you want to limit weekend operation to Prime offers only, you will need to indicate your weekend order fulfilment preference under Automated Fulfilment Settings.

By turning on Saturday or Sunday operations, these days will be counted towards the Expected Ship Date and Estimated Delivery Date. Please ensure you ship on time as this might impact your Late Shipment Rate.

The carrier that I use to ship products delivers on Saturdays for certain regions. Can this be reflected on the Promised Delivery Date shown to the customer?

Amazon will automatically set a Saturday or Sunday delivery promise if you have configured your shipping regions based on shipping services that deliver on Saturday or Sunday. As long as one shipping service delivers on Saturday or Sunday, Amazon may automatically adjust the delivery promise to reflect this. There is no additional action required of you. Buy Shipping will also show the shipping services that can deliver on a Saturday or Sunday.

Is the customer-facing cut-off time the same as the one I set on Order Fulfilment Settings?

Customers will see a cut-off time one hour prior to the order cut-off time you set to allow for order processing. For example, if you have set the cut-off time for Next Day shipping to 5:00 p.m., customers see the cut-off time as 4:00 p.m. local time.

How can order cut-off times be adjusted using the Order Fulfilment Settings?

If you are Seller Fulfilled Prime eligible and using Shipping Settings Automation to define your delivery regions, the order cut-off times will be set to 30 minutes before the pick-up time for the shipping service. Once the pick-up time is set for the shipping service in Automated Fulfilment Settings, the order cut-off time will be adjusted automatically. You will be able to set the pick-up time for the whole week or by every day of the week.

For non-Prime Premium shipping, you will be able to set order cut-off times in General Fulfilment Settings. However, you will not have the ability to set cut-off times by shipping service and day of the week. Order cut-off times are used to determine the Expected Ship Date for One Day and Two-Day Delivery only. These values are not applicable for Standard Shipping.

Note: Order cut-off times for Prime offers cannot be earlier than 4:00 p.m. local time (except for weekends). Order cut-off times for non-Prime Premium shipping offers cannot be earlier than 2:00pm local time.

What is the use of the pick-up time for shipping service?

The carrier pick-up time on the Order Fulfilment Settings acts as a mechanism for you to set more precise order cut-off times. You will not be able to set an order cut-off time for a shipping service that is later than the pick-up time. While the pick-up time is not used for the calculation of the Promise Delivery Date shown to customers, it is used while buying shipping labels to determine availability of the shipping service when you proceed to purchase a shipping label for the order.

Can I disable a shipping service on Order Fulfilment Settings?

You cannot disable a shipping service on Order Fulfilment Settings.However, the configurations for a shipping service are only used if the shipping service is being used to define your shipping regions on shipping templates. Note that, if weekend operations have been turned on, you must have at least one shipping service selected that picks up on the weekend.

Order before customer facing cut-off time Order after customer facing cut-off time
Order Shipping Option One-Day Shipping One-Day Shipping
Seller set cut-off time for Two Day Delivery 5 p.m. GMT 5 p.m. GMT
Customer facing order cut-off time 4 p.m. GMT 4 p.m. GMT
Order Time and Date 11 a.m. GMT, Wednesday, September 14, 2016 6 p.m. GMT, Wednesday, September 14, 2016
Ship by Date Wednesday, September 14, 2016 Thursday, September 15, 2016
Deliver by Date Thursday, September 15, 2016 Friday, September 16, 2016
Note: Changing your order cut-off won't change the Premium Shipping performance requirements you are required to maintain.

When does Amazon use Automated Fulfilment Settings?

Amazon uses the fulfilment settings for shipping services when delivery regions are configured by turning on Shipping Settings Automation based on the delivery capabilities of your preferred shipping services. Currently, Automated Fulfilment Settings is only applicable for Prime orders. For non-prime orders, Amazon will use General Fulfilment Settings to compute the delivery promise.

What is Shipping Settings Automation?

Shipping settings automation gives you more control over shipping costs by allowing Amazon to automatically set delivery regions based on (i) your shipping location and (ii) the shipping services you use. The tool will automatically set and update delivery regions where the shipping services selected can meet customer delivery promise. When orders come in, you will be able to purchase the same shipping services with Amazon's Buy Shipping on or before the order’s Expected Ship Date.

What if multiple shipping services pick up on a given day?

We understand that there may be multiple shipping services picking up packages on a day. For example, Royal Mail and Amazon Shipping may have a pick-up time of 5 pm and 6 pm respectively. Configuring Order Fulfilment Settings accordingly will allow you to receive orders up to cut-off time of 4.30 pm and 5.30 pm respectively (order cut-off time is 30 minutes before carrier pick-up time). Buy Shipping services will also reflect these changes.

What happens if I have turned on Saturday or Sunday as an operational day but the carrier does not pick-up or process the order on Saturday or Sunday?

If you have turned on Saturday or Sunday as an operating day, you are expected to ship on the selected day and ensure that the carrier picks up and scans on that day. For Prime offers, weekend operation (either Saturday or Sunday) is mandatory. If your preferred carrier is unable to pick up and scan the package on the day (Saturday or Sunday) you choose for weekend operation, you need to select other/additional carriers and ship services to support it.

Why aren’t certain ship methods available to me, even though I have selected the carrier on their shipping template?

Where multiple carriers are selected on the same template, the customer will be offered the fastest promise available and customer promise may vary by carrier. The Buy Shipping tool will show only the carrier ship methods that will satisfy the customer delivery promise. If you are not able to ship items with all carriers then these SKUs should be allocated to a carrier specific template.

How should I set up shipping template if I have SKUs I only want to ship with one carrier?

If you have SKUs that you prefer to ship with only one carrier, you need to create a new shipping template, select the carrier of their choice and add these SKUs. You can find more information on creating a shipping template here and assigning SKUs here.

How do I know which carrier accepts what kind of package dimensions and the delivery services?

This information is covered in the help pages here.

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