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Prime badge does not show on my SFP offers

If you are enrolled in Seller Fulfilled Prime and the Prime badge does not appear on Amazon, follow these steps to troubleshoot the issue:

  1. Confirm your SKU or ASIN is not displaying a Prime badge on the product detail page when viewing with a Prime customer account.
  2. If you turned the Prime badge off, confirm that the Enable/Disable Prime option is on by going to Settings, Shipping Settings, General Shipping Settings, and then Control Prime order volume.
    Note: Amazon might have temporarily disabled the Prime badge. In such cases, a notification is sent to the official email address with the details.
  3. Find your ASIN in your inventory and check which template it is assigned to. Verify that the ASIN is assigned to a Prime template.
  4. If the ASIN is assigned to a Prime template, confirm the region for which the Prime badge should show is included as part of the Prime regions in your template.
  5. Review the delivery promise for your offer. In some cases, we may remove the Prime badge when the delivery time does not meet Prime customers’ expectation of fast delivery times.
  6. If you still need help, contact Seller Support.

Prime badge does not show on my SFP Small and Light offers

Small and Light offers will no longer display the Prime badge. The change is meant to improve the customer experience by clearly communicating delivery promises. Small and Light items continue to be Prime eligible and display a “FREE Delivery” message. The change applies to offers from both Amazon and sellers.

Even though Small and Light offers will no longer display the Prime badge, the offers will still be considered Prime. Customers will still receive the benefits of Prime: guaranteed delivery date, award-winning customer service by Amazon, and hassle-free returns.

Read more about the Seller Fulfilled Prime Small and Light and the FAQ about the program.

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