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The table below explains the concepts mentioned in this guide.

Concept Explanation
Claim Any labelling or presentation, which draws particular attention to the presence or the absence of a substance in the feed, to a specific nutritional characteristic or process or to a specific function related to any of these.
Complete pet food A complete pet food has a composition that is sufficient for the intended animal’s daily ration. It provides adequate amounts of all the required nutrients.
Complementary pet food A pet food that has a high content of certain substances but is sufficient for a daily ration only if used in combination with other feed.
Compound pet food Compound pet feed is a mixture of at least two feed materials, whether or not containing feed additives, for oral animal-feeding in the form of complete or complementary pet food.
Daily ration The average total quantity of pet food, required daily by a pet animal of a given species, age category and yield, to satisfy all its needs.
Dog chews Products for pet animals to chew, produced from untanned hides and skins of ungulates or from other material of animal origin.
Dry pet food Pet food with a moisture content of 14% or less.
Establishment approval number Manufacturers are provided with an establishment approval number by the competent authority if they are carrying out certain higher risk processes, for example manufacturing and/or placing on the market of feed additives.
Feed additives Substances, micro-organisms or preparations, other than feed material and premixtures, which are intentionally added to feed or water in order to perform, in particular, favourably affect the characteristics of feed.
Feed materials Products of vegetable or animal origin, whose principal objective is to meet animals’ nutritional needs. Feed materials can be in their natural state, fresh or preserved, and be products derived from the industrial processing thereof. They can be organic or inorganic substances (whether or not containing feed additives). Feed materials are intended for use in oral animal feeding either directly as such, or after processing, or in the preparation of compound feed, or as carrier of premixtures.
Pet animal A pet animal means any non-food producing animal belonging to species fed, bred or kept, but not normally used for human consumption in the community.
Pet food for particular nutritional purposes (PARNUTs)/Dietetic pet food “Feed for particular nutritional purposes” or “Dietetic Pet Food” is a feed which can satisfy a particular nutritional purpose and is as a result clearly distinguishable from ordinary feed. This does not include pet medicine (medicated feed).
Wet pet food Pet food with a moisture content of 60% or more.

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