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This article applies to selling in: United Kingdom

Faster regional transit time

Regional delivery speed to customers close to your warehouse is usually faster than national delivery. The Faster Regional Transit Time feature allows you to enable faster transit time to close proximity customers for your domestic standard shipping orders. A faster transit time option is available in your shipping template for customers in the same region as your default shipping address. It is recommended that you review and ensure that you have set the correct default ship-from address because the settings defined in your shipping template will influence the delivery promise shown to customers.

Note: The faster transit time option is limited to domestic self-fulfilled (non-Prime) standard shipping settings. It does not apply to international shipping templates.

Set faster transit time on a shipping template

To set faster transit time:

  1. From the Settings drop-down menu on the top right of Seller Central, click Shipping Settings.
  2. On the Shipping Templates tab, you can do either of the following:
    • Create a new shipping template: Click Create New Shipping Template, enter the Shipping Template Name (for example, ‘My Fulfilled by Merchant delivery’) and choose from either a Per Item/Weight-Based or Price banded rate model as your delivery rate.
    • Upgrade an existing Fulfilled by Merchant shipping template: Choose the existing non-Prime shipping template and click on Edit Template on the right side of the screen.
    Note: In the domestic Standard Shipping section, you will see a shipping rule with faster transit time option ( 1-2 business days) for the same region as your default shipping address. Your previous shipping charge for this region will be kept as is if you are editing an existing shipping template.
  3. Edit and review shipping settings (for example, shipping charge), and click Save.
    Note: Before saving your shipping template, you can update the transit time by selecting a slower option ( for example, 2-3 business days) if your actual transit time to close proximity customers is slower than the suggested faster transit time.

Faster Regional Transit Time feature FAQ

What is the benefit of enabling faster regional transit time?

Customers are more likely to purchase products that have a faster delivery promise. By setting faster regional transit time in your shipping templates, the transit time to customers who are in close proximity to your main warehouse will be shorter, and you can offer faster delivery promises than nationwide shipping.

Since you will offer faster delivery options only to customers who are in close proximity to your main warehouse, you will also minimise the risk of not meeting the delivery promise. If you are not offering faster transit time to your customers, you can change the transit time options for the new shipping rule.

Can I set faster regional transit time for customers in different regions if I operate from multiple warehouses?

Currently, we only support setting this feature for customers located in the region where your default shipping warehouse is located.

How do I edit my default shipping address?

You can edit your default shipping address by performing the following steps:

  1. Click Settings > Shipping Settings > General Shipping Settings
  2. Click Edit on the top right corner of the Default Shipping address section
  3. Select the address that you want to set as the new default shipping address or click on Add a new address to add a new ship-from address
  4. Click Save

What is the faster transit time option for close proximity customers in my current standard shipping templates?

Currently, England is considered as one region in the shipping template for domestic standard shipping in the United Kingdom. With the newly implemented feature, England is divided into smaller regions. For example, if you are a selling partner based in the Greater London region and delivering to a customer also based in the same region, you will now have the option to choose a faster transit time of 1-2 days as opposed to the existing default time of 2-3 days.

If I changed my default shipping address after enabling faster regional transit time, will Amazon update my shipping templates again?

When you change your default ship-from address to a new address in a different region, your shipping templates are refreshed automatically based on the newly set ship-from location. You can offer faster promises to customers located in the same region as your new warehouse address.

Note: Before you change your default ship-from address, ensure that you have agreed with your preferred carrier on the pickup schedule to avoid an impact on the delivery promises shown to customers.

Will transit times change for regions other than where my default shipping address is located?

No. The faster transit time will only apply to customers in the proximity of the region in which your default shipping address is located. Transit time for other regions will remain unchanged.

How can I opt out of faster regional transit time?

The faster transit time delivery rule will apply by default on your standard shipping templates. You can opt out at any time by updating the transit time of the shipping rule to a different value, for example, 2-3 business days than the suggested faster regional transit time.

Once I opt out, can I opt back in?

Yes. You can opt back in at any time by updating the transit time of the shipping rule to the suggested faster regional transit time.

Will there be an impact on handling time if I set faster transit time for close proximity customers?

There will be no impact to the handling time because the faster transit time option that you set in your shipping template is based on transit time.

Note: Customer Delivery promise is a combination of handling time and transit time. By reducing your handling time, you can also offer faster delivery promise to your customers.

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