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Listing Quality Dashboard

The Listing Quality Dashboard is a tool on Seller Central that highlights important product information for customers. These recommendations are focused on helping you improve the discoverability of your products, enable a new experience on the product detail page and potentially reduce customer returns.

What are the benefits of the Listing Quality Dashboard?

The dashboard shows you product listings that need improvement and provides recommendations on which product attributes you should provide. By adding the recommended information for your products, you can:

  • Improve discovery: Customers filter their search results using specific attributes. Adding these attributes will ensure that customers don’t miss your product when it meets the customer requirements and the filters are used.

  • Enable the Product Overview experience (beta): Product Overview is a new experience that will highlight important product attributes above the bullet points on the product detail page. This will help customers evaluate your product easily and make a faster buying decision. This experience is currently available for a limited number of product types and we are working to enable this for more product types.

  • Potentially reduce customer returns: Customers often return products due to a lack of critical product information on the detail page, e.g. compatibility features for headphones and cables. By adding more information, you might reduce the number of returns.
  • Take time-sensitive actions: The tool will highlight listing information that needs to be filled in by a certain date in order to prevent possible suppression.

How do I use the Listing Quality Dashboard?

  1. Visit the Listing Quality Dashboard here or, in Seller Central, navigate to Inventory, followed by Manage Inventory, and then click Listing Quality Dashboard.
  2. Filter the dashboard by Recommendation type. You can also search for a particular product to check if it has any recommendations, and prioritise by Page views and Sales in the last 30 days.
  3. Fill in the missing information under the Recommendations column.
    Note: Hover the mouse pointer over a field to view a brief description of the attribute to be filled in.
  4. Click Save once you have filled in the attributes. Changes will take up to 1.5 hours to reflect.
  5. You can click the View all X missing attributes link to view all the important attributes that are missing for the product. These missing attributes will be grouped under different benefits such as ‘Improve search filters,’ ‘Reduce customer returns,’ etc. The All tab groups together all the missing attributes under one view. You can fill in and save the attributes from this pop-up window.

Listing Quality Dashboard best practices

  • Tip 1: Check your recommendations at least once a week. Our systems identify important missing product attributes on a real-time basis, so frequent check-ins (daily or weekly) are highly recommended.
  • Tip 2: Use Page views and Sales to prioritise your recommendations. We will soon launch a functionality that will allow you to sort recommendations using these columns.
  • Tip 3: Use the Not relevant for this product option when needed. We recognise that there may be some instances where the attribute we recommend you to fill in is not relevant for the product in question. In such cases, select the Not relevant for this product option and let us know why, so that we can improve our recommendations.
  • Tip 4: We would like to hear your feedback and suggestions as we continuously enhance the Listing Quality Dashboard experience. Use the Feedback widget at the bottom of the dashboard, or send us an email at

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