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Understanding voucher errors

Approximately six hours before your voucher start time, our system starts running a number of validation rules on your voucher to make sure that it offers a good value to our customers. These rules are continuously enforced throughout the duration that your voucher is active. If one or more of the ASINs in your voucher fail any of these rules, we will disable the voucher offer on that ASIN and activate the voucher on the rest of the ASINs that pass validation. Here are some of the errors that you might see on your dashboard and what you can do to remedy them.

Pricing error

Vouchers require your discounted price to be at least 5% lower than your lowest price in the last 30 days. This ASIN is temporarily excluded from your voucher because this rule is not satisfied. Please lower your price or create a new voucher with a higher discount.

This error means that you were offering this ASIN at a lower price than your current price at some point during the last 30 days. Our system checks to see if the voucher discount you are offering over your current price is higher than 5% over your lowest price in the last 30 days. If this check fails, we disable the voucher on the subject ASIN and you see a pricing error.

For example: If you were selling an ASIN at £30, 20 days ago, and today your price for the same ASIN is £60, we require your discount to be 5% off £30. This means that your highest net discounted price after a voucher can be £28.50 (£30 x 0.95). The voucher that you create today must offer a discount amount so that the highest price a customer pays after applying the voucher is £28.50.

What can you do if you see this error?

  • Lower your price. If your recent price increase was a mistake and you normally sell this ASIN at £30, you can lower the product's pricing back to £30. If the voucher is providing a discount equal to or higher than 5% of £30, we will automatically reactivate the voucher on the subject ASIN.
  • Create a new voucher for this ASIN. Once a voucher becomes active, it is not possible to change the discount offering. If you want to keep your price at its current level but offer a voucher over this price, create a new voucher for this ASIN with the right discount offer. In this example, the minimum voucher discount you can offer is £31.50 (£60-£28.50).

Inventory error

We temporarily excluded this ASIN from your voucher due to insufficient inventory.

This error means that you don't have enough inventory to accommodate the customer demand your voucher might generate. When this happens, we disable the voucher from the subject ASIN.

What can you do if you see this error?

Send in more inventory. We will automatically reactivate the voucher offer on this ASIN when you have sufficient inventory.

Star rating is below 3.0

Vouchers require a minimum star rating of 2.5 for products with 1–4 reviews and 3.0 for products with 5+ reviews. This error message indicates that the ASIN is not meeting this rule. Products that do not yet have any reviews are eligible.

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