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Minimum order quantity

You can set the minimum order quantity (MOQ) on your low-priced listings. The standard selling price is less than €10 on,, and, and less than £10 on – VAT-inclusive price for both Fulfilment by Amazon and seller fulfilled orders.

Customers will only be able to buy quantities that are greater than or equal to the set MOQ limit. For example, if the MOQ limit for a product is set to two, a customer will not be able to place an order for one unit, but can only order two or more units of the same product.


You will be able to list low-priced items that are not profitable when sold individually, lowering per-unit preparation costs and especially shipping costs, by selling more units in the same shipment. Additionally, you can shift from hard bundling to MOQ, allowing customers to have better purchase options.

What are the products that MOQ can best help to sell?

  • Daily essential products and replenishable products, for example, shampoo, detergents or food.
  • Products that customers use to purchase multiple units per order, for example, office products.
  • Products that are typically not profitable sold as a single product while providing free shipping.

What is not the right selection for MOQ?

  • Products that are already sold as a hard bundle pack (for example, a pack of three units).
  • Low-priced products that can already be sold profitably with FBA Small and Light.
  • Products that customers do not typically purchase in more than one unit per order. For example, books, DVDs, software or video games.


To set up a MOQ offer, the following conditions must be met.

  1. The offer’s standard selling price must be less than €10 on,, and, and less than £10 on (VAT-inclusive price).
  2. The ASIN must not be in the following product categories: Books, Music, VHS, DVDs; Software; and Video Games – Games & Accessories.
  3. The MOQ cannot exceed six.

Add or delete MOQ settings

You can create your MOQ offers in two ways:

  • From the Manage Inventory page, click on the EDIT button in correspondence of the offer on which you want to set a MOQ. Then, in the Offer tab, set the MOQ limit and click on Save and finish.
  • You can also add or delete MOQ settings in your listings by using feeds or Amazon Marketplace Web Service (Amazon MWS) API functions.

Note: To use feeds to set up the MOQ for an offer, go to Set minimum order quantity limits via upload.

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Frequently asked questions

Will there be any fees for applying MOQ limits on my offers?

No. There are no additional fees for applying MOQ limits on your eligible offers.

Can I set MOQ for my Fulfilment by Amazon orders, as well as seller fulfilled orders?

Yes, you can.

Why am I receiving an error message when trying to set a MOQ offer?

The reasons include:

  • The minimum order quantity value is less than 1 or greater than 6.*
  • The ASIN belongs to a restricted product category.
  • The offer has a standard price that exceeds the price threshold of €10/£10.
  • The minimum order quantity value is greater than your available inventory.
  • There is an invalid value (format) in the Sell remainder attribute field.

* You can enter a number from 1 to 6. It will only be considered MOQ if the number is greater than or equal to 2.

What happens if my available inventory is less than the MOQ limit?

You have two options.

  • Option 1: If you enable the Sell remainder field: When your available inventory is less than the MOQ value, the remaining quantity becomes the new minimum order quantity.
  • Option 2: If you don’t enable the Sell remainder field: When your available inventory is less than the MOQ value, the offer will show as not available to the customer (appearing as out of stock). The MOQ will automatically revert to the original value once you replenish your inventory.

Where can I see which offers are currently configured with MOQ limits?

You can download the listing reports here (Inventory Report, Active Listings Report, Open Listings Report, Cancelled Listings Reports, Inactive Listing Report, All Listing Report) and filter per Minimum order quantity columns to have an overview.

How often can I modify or delete MOQ limits?

You can modify or delete MOQ attributes (Minimum order quantity, Sell remainder) whenever you want in the listing tools (Manage Inventory page, feed/templates, API). They will apply to future orders only.

Does MOQ also apply to my international listings synchronised through Build International Listings?

Yes. Build International Listings will automatically synchronise your first time MOQ setting from your source marketplace to target marketplace listings. However, any post adjustments of the MOQ setting in your source marketplace listings will not be synchronised. If you want to adjust the value in target marketplaces, you will need to adjust it for those target marketplaces directly in Seller Central. For target marketplaces where MOQ is not activated, your MOQ setting will not be synchronised.

Will the MOQ limits applied also show for Amazon Business (B2B) orders?

Yes. MOQ limits will be automatically applied on eligible offers for Amazon Business (B2B) orders. If a quantity discount is configured on the business price for the requested offer (see here for more information), MOQ limits will not be applied for Amazon Business (B2B) orders.

When does MOQ activate once you set up the MOQ feature?

MOQ activates automatically and reflects within a few hours.

Can I apply MOQ to an offer in only one country’s store?

Note that MOQ applies at offer (SKU) level. If your offer is only sold in one marketplace, MOQ will only apply in that marketplace. Even though Build International Listings will automatically synchronise your first-time MOQ setting from your source marketplace to target marketplace listings, you will be able to modify MOQ settings in the target marketplace.

Can I apply MOQ to packs?

Products that are already sold as a hard bundle pack are not recommended for MOQ feature.

Can I use MOQ to sell two different offers in the same order?

No. MOQ applies at offer (SKU level). MOQ applies only to a specific offer and it cannot be used to bundle 2+ different offers in the same order.

What are the preparation or inbound requirements for MOQ FBA offers?

There is no specific FBA preparation or inbound requirement for MOQ offers inventory, You can ship the inventory as your regular FBA inventory.

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