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Receiving inventory into SellerFlex

What is the order limit for my SellerFlex location?

There is a required trial period where a limited number of products can be fulfilled daily. The trial period lasts for the first five weeks of enrolment in the programme. Your trial period volume limits are discussed when you launch your site.

What is the difference between ASIN, SKU and FNSKU? Which one do I use for scanning my items in WMS?

In the WMS, use FNSKUs when receiving inventory into your SellerFlex facility.

  • An ASIN is an Amazon Serial Identification Number. When several sellers sell the same product, they share the same ASIN. For more information, refer to ASIN Creation Policy.
  • An SKU – or merchant SKU – is the unique identifier that you create for your product.
  • FNSKUs are unique identifiers for both the product and the FBA product listing. These get generated automatically when you create FBA listings.

How do I print FNSKU labels?

First, verify that your offer is an FBA listing. Creating FBA listings generates the FNSKU.

To print FNSKU barcodes in Seller Central, go to Inventory > All Inventory. Then, select the product and click on Print FNSKU labels.

For more information, refer to Use an Amazon barcode to track inventory.

How do I receive inventory into my SellerFlex location?

Go to the WMS > Inbound > Receive > scan the FNSKU > enter the requested details > stow the item in the specified container.

Newly received items will show as pending in your inventory for up to an hour. After the item is no longer pending, it will become live for sale on Amazon.

Note: Do not use the ‘Found’ function. It does not process your inventory and your items will not show up for sale on Amazon.

How long after creating an FBA listing can I begin to receive inventory using the WMS?

If your product meets FBA criteria, and you have entered product weights and dimensions into the system, it will take about 30 minutes for the system to update. Wait for 30 minutes before you try to inbound the inventory.

Note: During peak and holiday periods, this can take up to two hours, or, in rare cases, up to 24 hours.

How can I update weights or dimensions for my products?

To update package dimensions, or other item details in Seller Central, visit Correct an Error on a Product Detail Page.

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