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Yanwen Logistics

Carrier Overview

Yanwen Logistics is a comprehensive cross-border e-commerce logistics service provider in China. It provides directly operated services in 50 cities across China, and its cross-border logistics lines reach 200 countries and regions around the world. Yanwen independently developed operating systems and intelligent logistics systems to establish a global e-commerce network for customers.

Shipping Benefits

  • Wide coverage of package pickup: Yanwen has 50 processing facilities across the country, which can meet the pickup requirements for 95% of sellers.
  • Diversified products: Yanwen provides various types of logistics services such as ordinary mail, tracked, or special line services. Sellers can choose the desired services according to their needs.
  • Wide delivery coverage: Yanwen provides logistics services to most countries around the world.

Shipping Services

  • Y-Post Ordinary Mail – General Cargo and Special Cargo
  • Y-Post Registered Mail - Special Cargo
  • YW Air Tracked Packet - General Cargo and Special Cargo
  • YW Untracked Packet - General Cargo and Special Cargo
  • YW Air E-Packet - General Cargo and Special Cargo
  • YW Air Economy Mail - General Cargo and Special Cargo
  • YW Air Registered Mail - General Cargo and Special Cargo
  • Yanwen Express Special Line – P and – T
Note: These shipping services are available; however, whether they are eligible for a certain order depends on many other factors, such as promised delivery date, origin-destination address pair, restrictions of size, weight and hazmat classifications, etc. Therefore, if you are using the Seller Central UI, please choose one eligible shipping service from the webpage returned shipping service list. If you are using the MWS API, please call GetEligibleShippingServices API before calling CreateShipment API to purchase a label.

Delivery service introduction

Please check the Yanwen Logistics Product Introduction page for more detailed information about each product.

Shipping Coverage

Yanwen currently provides shipping services covering 50 cities of China. For the detailed pickup range, please check the Pick-up List page.

Yanwen Account Registration and Binding

Before using the Yanwen shipping services on Buy Shipping, you will need to register a Yanwen account.

If you have registered a Yanwen account, bind your Amazon Seller Account with your Yanwen Customer Account in your Yanwen Customer Service Centre as below:

Payments and Rates

Before using Yanwen logistics products on Buy Shipping, you will need to register a Yanwen account and sign the payment agreement with Yanwen. You will also need to bind your Amazon Seller Account with your Yanwen Customer Account. Thus when the packages are picked up or dropped off, Yan Wen will add the charged amounts to your bill. If you have a separate rate or discount agreement with Yanwen, you can use your own rate.

Yanwen currently provides weekly, bi-weekly and monthly invoicing for customers. According to the agreed invoicing period, Yanwen will provide electronic bills for accounting and payment purposes. Yanwen currently supports two payment methods through ICBC or Alipay.

Terms and Conditions

When purchasing labels from Yanwen, you will accept the terms and conditions as defined by Yanwen, found here: Yanwen Terms and Conditions


Is it mandatory to have an account with Yanwen to use Yanwen products on Buy Shipping?

Yes, a Yanwen account is required.

How do you calculate the charges for Buy Shipping? Should I pay for the amount that is displayed on Seller Central?

The shipping cost displayed on Seller Central is an estimation of fee based on your parcel’s weight, ship-from and ship-to countries/regions, and the rate Yanwen provides for Amazon Sellers. The final shipping cost should follow the Yanwen invoice, which will depend on the actual weight of your parcel and your Yanwen account rate. If you have other questions, please log in to your Yanwen account to check the following pages

How do I pay for shipping?

The fees will be shown in your Yanwen account. Please refer to the Payments and Rates section for more details.

Do I need to do anything else after purchasing a label in Buy Shipping?

You will need to make sure that the parcel is handed over to Yanwen on time.

How to contact Yanwen for pickups? What time can Yanwen pick up packages?

You can check the contact information of the pick-up driver at Yanwen Customer Service Centre. For specific pick-up time, you can call the pick-up driver by phone. Or you can follow the “Yanwen Logistics” WeChat public notification to schedule pickups.

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