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Vine frequently asked questions

What is Vine?

Vine is a customer review programme that enables Amazon selling partners to put their products in the hands of Amazon reviewers that Amazon invited to participate in Vine. These reviewers, also known as Vine Voices, were selected for their ability to post insightful reviews on their Amazon purchases. For more information about the programme, go to Vine on Seller Central under Advertising > Vine.

How does Vine work?

Eligible selling partners can access Vine in Seller Central via the Advertising tab. They will be able to enrol and make their eligible offers available to Vine Voices straight away. During enrolment, selling partners can select the entire family or a limited subset of variations for each enrolment. Vine Voices will immediately be able to request a unit of the enrolled product and to post their review after they receive it.

What are the eligibility criteria for participation in Vine?

This feature is only available to professional sellers who have been approved as brand owners through the Amazon Brand Registry process.

For more information about selling partner eligibility, go to Vine Selling Partner eligibility.

When trying to access Vine I see a Not authorised page. What can I do to fix it?

For more information regarding programme restrictions, go to Vine Selling Partner eligibility.

What are the product eligibility criteria for participation in Vine?

In order for an offer to be eligible for Vine, the selling partner must be mapped to the product registered with the Amazon Brand Registry. For more information about selling partner eligibility, go to Vine Selling Partner eligibility.

Offers need to be FBA offers with available inventory or non-adult products with fewer than 30 reviews already published on the product detail page. In addition, the enrolled products need to have an image, a description and a title, and be classified under a browse node to be eligible for Vine.

Note: You can enrol an ASIN in Vine only once in its lifetime, meaning you cannot re-enrol the ASIN or any other variation of the parent ASIN after cancelling an initial enrolment.

Why are only FBA offers eligible to be enrolled in Vine?

We are dedicated to protecting the anonymity of our population of Vine Voices and will not share their contact information with any selling partner. In order to avoid disclosing information on the Vine Voices, we need to fulfil the units requested Vine Voices request via FBA.

I enrolled an item in Vine but did not get a review. Will I pay for this enrolment?

No, we bill you for the enrolment after the publication of the first Vine review.

What is the active enrolments limit?

There is a limit to the total number of active enrolments you can have. When you enrol an ASIN in Vine, it counts towards this limit and remains active unless cancelled with no orders or concluded. Enrolments conclude after the lesser of 90 days from enrolment or scheduled start date, if set, or if all units are reviewed. If you reached the active enrolment limit, you will have to wait until one of your active enrolments is concluded before enrolling another ASIN in Vine.

I am seeing an error message while trying to enrol a product to Vine. How can I fix this?

Most enrolment errors will generate a message that specifies why you cannot complete the enrolment. Your product might not have any eligible FBA offer, might be missing an image, or might simply be ineligible for Vine. For information, go to Vine errors.

I have claimed Vine units. How will this show up in my orders and business reports?

Claimed Vine units will be identifiable in your various orders and business reports with a price of 0 GBP and you will see that these customers will not have a name. This is the expected behaviour as we are preserving the anonymity of Vine Voices.

Why were some of my units not reviewed?

There is no deadline for Vine Voices to write reviews for the products that they receive through Vine. We track our Vine Voices’ active participation in the programme, and they may be removed from Vine if they do not meet our participation criteria.

If a Vine Voice does not review their Vine unit, can I get the unit back?

No, we cannot guarantee that reviews will be posted for all enrolled units and cannot return any product to you. Our commitment in accordance with the terms and conditions is to do our best to distribute the inventory.

I’ve received a negative review. Can I contact the Vine Voice?

As per our terms and conditions, we prohibit any contact between Vine Voices and selling partners other than for the purpose of regular customer support. You must not request a Vine Voice to contact you directly, nor must you attempt to contact them to talk about their reviews, their participation in the programme, or to try to have them review other products you sell. We do not provide Vine Voices' addresses or other personal information in order to respect their privacy. Any attempt to contact Vine Voices will lead to an investigation and potential revocation of your selling partner account.

We encourage authentic feedback about products and services that can be positive or negative as stated in our customer review creation guidelines.

Can you remove a Vine review?

If the review is within the Amazon customer review creation guidelines, we will not remove it. To report a review, go to the customer review creation guidelines.

What must Vine Voices do before writing a review?

We expect Vine voices to use each product before writing a review of that product. This ensures that Vine Voice reviews are informed and helpful to other customers.

Does Vine support bundling or splitting of ASINs or case packs?

No, Vine does not support bundling or splitting of ASINs or case packs.

What happens to the units that have not been requested by Vine Voices?

The units remain available to be sold as FBA units.

What is the cost to enrol products in Vine?

Enrolments created on or after October 12, 2021 are subject to a GBP 140 enrolment fee per Parent ASIN. Enrolment fees will be billed after the first Vine review is published.

Do I pay FBA and referral fees on Vine-enrolled units?

Yes. As the inventory available on Vine-enrolled offers remains available for customers to purchase, we will not waive fees on such units, whether they end up being requested by Vine Voices or by regular customers.

Do I need to account for tax on products provided to Vine Voices?

The provision of products to Vine Voices may be subject to tax in accordance with local regulations. Please consult your tax advisor for further information.

Can I see how my product looks to Vine Voices?

Vine Voices are provided with a link to the product detail page and will view the product in the same way as any other Amazon customer.

Can you move reviews from one ASIN to another?

Reviews cannot be moved from an ASIN to another, even if the reviewer made a mistake and posted their review on the wrong detail page.

Can I cancel an enrolment?

You will be able to cancel an enrolment if none of the items have been claimed by Voices. If an item has been claimed by a Voice, the enrolment can be stopped. Stopping the enrolment will ensure that no additional unit will be claimed by Vine Voices, but it does not guarantee that reviews will not be published.

To cancel your Vine enrolment, access your Vine application in Seller Central then click Cancel or Stop.

Each ASIN can only be enrolled in Vine once in that ASIN’s lifetime, meaning you cannot re-enrol the ASIN with claimed units after cancelling its enrolment.

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