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How to exclude and permanently delete international offers

How to exclude and permanently delete international offers

Customers trust that they can always buy with confidence on Amazon. As a seller on the Amazon website, you have to make sure that both you and your products comply with all applicable laws and Amazon policies (including your seller agreement, the category, product and the content restrictions).

Review the "Examples of Permitted and Prohibited Listings by Category" and the "Restrictions Affecting All Products" sections shown in the Seller Central Help (search for Category, Product and Content Restrictions) before listing a product on Amazon.

As there are significant product compliance and regulatory differences between regions, it is important that international sellers are aware of local laws, regulations and Amazon policies in each Marketplace in which they intend to sell.

Help pages:

Category, Product and Content Restrictions


Restrictions sur les catégories, les produits et les contenus

Restricciones sobre categorías, productos y contenidos

Restrizioni su categorie, prodotti e sostanze

The purpose of this guide is to explain how to exclude or delete products from the international catalogue(s) (that is Out of home Marketplace).

  1. Select the Marketplace and consolidate the products to be deleted.
  2. Exclude the products that have to be deleted from the Build International Listings tool (BIL), which automatically synchronises the home Marketplace with International catalogues to stop the products from getting recreated automatically.
  3. Delete all the products from the relevant catalogue.

Annex: Example of deletion following a Performance Notification request (Restricted Product).

I. Select Marketplace and consolidate the products to be deleted

If you sell only in your home country, you will have a single catalogue under the Inventory Management section within Seller Central (SC).

However, if you sell internationally across Europe, you will have five catalogues (your home country and four other European Marketplaces).

Note: When deleting products, first decide the catalogue from which you want to delete the products from:

  1. Navigate to the target Marketplace in SC by selecting the Merchant from the drop-down button in the Marketplace switcher.
  2. You can change your preferred language by clicking the Language drop-down button.
  3. Identify the SKUs of the products that you want to delete (you can use the Inventory Management tab in SC or any other inventory management tool that you use).
  4. Copy and paste the SKUs to be deleted into a blank Excel file.

II. Exclude products from BIL (automatic synchronisation)

When BIL (Build International Listings) is active, it takes your home country catalogue/listings as a starter and synchronises all available offers, creating offers internationally in the other four European marketplaces.

In order to avoid the re-creation abroad when products are deleted, those products have to be excluded from the BIL automatic synchronisation system.

  1. Copy all the SKUs to be deleted (column A) from the Excel file.
  2. Navigate to Seller Central > Inventory > Sell Globally > Build International Listings > Manage Exclusions.
  3. Paste the SKU column into the ''Exclude offers in the selected target marketplace'' cell and click ''Exclude offers''.

III. Delete the Products

Products can be deleted one-by-one under ''Manage Inventory'' or in bulk (highly recommended if you have to delete + more than 10 listings) as explained below:

  1. Get the Listing Loader file in order to delete the products in bulk. Go to Inventory > Add Products via Upload > Download an Inventory file > Inventory files (last section in the bottom) > Product Matching only > Inventory Loader (blue link) > Click here and download.
  2. In the file, go to the Template tab, paste all the SKUs to be deleted in column A and type ''x'' in the column add-delete (column I).
  3. Save the file in the Text (tab-delimited) format.
  4. Navigate to Seller Central and make sure that you are in the target marketplace. If not, use the Marketplace Switcher to navigate to the desired marketplace.
  5. Navigate to Inventory > Add Products via Upload > Upload your Inventory file.
  6. Go to Step 2, select ''Inventory Loader File'', attach the Delete file in text format that you previously saved and click the ''Upload'' button. Products are typically deleted within ten minutes (see the ''Monitor Upload Status'' section to see if there were any errors in uploading. If so, update the file accordingly and re-upload the file).
  7. Confirm that the SKUs to be deleted have been permanently deleted from the relevant catalogue by performing a quick search in the Manage Inventory tab of SC.

Annex: Example of Deletion of products following a Performance Notification

Note: To identify products/listings that need to be excluded from all target Marketplaces, review the Notification of Restricted Products Removal emails in the Performance Notifications tab in SC. Follow the instructions detailed in Sections II and III.

  1. Navigate to Performance > Performance Notifications in SC.
  2. All the messages from the Restricted Products requesting the closure or deletion of listings are titled ''Notification of Restricted Products Removal''.
  3. Select the oldest message with the SKU ASIN title information to aggregate all products that have to be deleted and copy/paste into a word document. Repeat for all the 'Notification of Restricted Products Removal' messages until you have the full list of products that have to be deleted.

Process to Consolidate products in Bulk (when there are multiple Notifications of Removal)

  1. The list of products to be deleted from the UK catalogue is generated in a word document.
  2. Copy the list of products in an Excel spreadsheet (Cell A1).
  3. Select Column A by clicking the ''A'' grey title.
  4. Keeping the column selected, go to Data > Text to Columns.
  5. Select the ''Delimited'' option and click Next.
  6. Unselect the Tab option and select ''Comma'' and ''Other''.
  7. Write '':'' in the ''Other'' option.
  8. Click ''Finish''.
  9. We can now paste the column containing the SKUs (internal codes) needed to exclude those products from BIL. (Copy the column containing those SKUs.)
  10. Go to Seller Central > Inventory > Sell Globally > Build International Listings > Manage Exclusions.
  11. Paste the SKU column in the cell and click ''Exclude Offers''.
  12. To permanently delete these listings, follow the instructions detailed in Sections II and III.
Note: Not complying with local laws, regulations and Amazon policies might lead to temporary or permanent suspension of your selling privileges. If you have any questions about this process, ask your Account Manager or Seller Support.
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