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All Offers Display

All Offers Display (AOD) is a new experience that helps customers compare offers and make a purchase decision while remaining in context of the Detail Page. This new experience will replace the legacy Offer Listing Page (OLP). On mobile, the AOD provides customers access to key offer information at a glance, without navigating to a secondary view. On Desktop, a side sheet pops up for customers to quickly compare alternate offers without transiting away from Search and Detail Page. Please refer the screenshots below for better clarity:

Mobile - Earlier Experience Mobile - AOD Experience

Desktop – Earlier Experience

Desktop – AOD Experience

Q1. What is the need for this new experience?

With OLP (separate page from the Detail Page), the customers had to transit between distinct pages in order to compare offers and make a purchase decision. The new AOD experience allows customers to quickly view Amazon’s entire breadth of offers while remaining in context of the Detail Page.

Q2. Which offer do I see at the top of AOD? Why do I see that?

The offer shown at the top of AOD is the ‘featured offer’. The AOD experience allows customers to compare other offers against the ‘featured offer’ at a glance.

Q3. I use Offer Listing Page (OLP) to confirm my SKUs. How can I now do that?

You can view the AOD experience by accessing the AOD links on the Detail Page.

Q4. What are some of the other updates that the team is making?

Over past two years, our teams have been making investments that brings improved visibility for our customers into alternate offers. For example, we increased the prominence of AOD links on the Detail Page, from a link into a button style to improve their discoverability for our customers. This has had a large impact on purchases from AOD. We also display ship cost at a glance for the lowest item price + ship cost offer on the Detail Page so that customers can make quick comparisons.

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