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E-cigarette and Heated Tobacco Products


E-cigarettes and heated tobacco devices sold on and their product listings must meet all relevant regulatory requirements. Once you have updated below requirements, send us an email including the list of ASINs to:

Some products must be approved before they can be listed on These include:

  • E-Cigarettes
  • Heated tobacco devices
  • E-cigarette parts (for example, tanks, atomisers, cartridges)

MHRA registration:

You must ensure that the MHRA registration number you provided for all e-cigarette products when you uploaded these products is correct. You can check and update this information by editing the listing in your Inventory and adding the registration number in the field ‘TRPR registration number’ within the ‘More details’ tab. Products which have not been notified to the MHRA are prohibited.

Examples of prohibited listings:

  • Tank size for devices > 2 ml

If you have questions on the requirements for selling these products, you can find a list of external consultants on the Europe Compliance Solutions page.


All content on the detail page must be factual, rather than promotional. Please be mindful that we will not accept any:

  • Testimonials/endorsements
  • Comparative language
  • Promotional language

Images and videos should focus on showcasing the device and its functionality. Lifestyle images that aim to portray an appealing lifestyle will be rejected.

You may not make any health claims anywhere on the detail page, including A+ content, bullet points, images and videos. The following health claims are prohibited:

  • claims creating an erroneous impression about the characteristics, health effects, risks or emissions of a product;
  • suggestions that e-cigarettes are less harmful than other tobacco products;
  • suggestions that e-cigarettes have vitalising, energising, healing, rejuvenating, natural or organic properties, or have other health or lifestyle benefits;
  • false claims that e-cigarettes are able to cure illnesses, dysfunction or malformation; and
  • smoking cessation claims or claims that using an e-cigarette is better for or good for the customer.

In addition to the above claims, e-cigarettes also cannot make claims that:

  • refer to a taste, smell or other additives (except flavourings) or their absence;
  • suggest that the e-cigarette resembles a food or a cosmetic product; or
  • suggest that a particular e-cigarette or refill container has environmental advantages.


If the product is an e-cigarette device there must be a bullet point with each of the following statements:

  • “This product contains nicotine which is a highly addictive substance”
    • “Keep this product out of the reach of children”

If the product is a heated tobacco product there must be a bullet point with the following statement:

  • “This tobacco product damages your health and is addictive”

Once you have updated information stated in points 1, 2 and 3, send us an email including the list of ASINs to:


Additional useful information:

ASA guidance on e-cigarette marketing campaigns

What is an e-cigarette?

An e-cigarette is a battery-powered device, which typically contains a cartridge with a heater that vaporises a liquid that might contain nicotine and/or flavoured substances. The main difference between an e-cigarette and a tobacco cigarette is that no tobacco is used in an e-cigarette and no combustion occurs.

What is an e-liquid?

An e-liquid is the mixture used in electronic cigarettes. The main ingredients in e-liquids are usually propylene glycol, glycerine, and flavourings.

What are heated tobacco products?

Heated tobacco products are battery-powered devices that use a processed tobacco stick as a consumable. The stick is heated with a coil, to release an aerosol containing nicotine.

What is a heated tobacco stick?

A heated tobacco stick is a novel processed tobacco product used in heated tobacco devices.

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