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Customer Service you must be joking

by Seller_8zjuQxeXe1kGY

Using Everi purchased from Amazon - customer ordered item 20 November despatched the following day - customer contacts us last Friday stating they had not received the item.
Checked Tracking - The parcel had not moved since 24 November.
Contacted Everi - Because the shipping had been purchased through Amazon I was informed that that I was required to use their Customer Chat Line
I registered the complaint on Monday and received a reference number be e-mail stating they would be investigating.
Checking the Tracking again this morning the parcel has still not moved, still no response from Everi!!1

Consequently I have refunded the customer £81.50 -

Please note Amazon & Everi - This is Customer Service!!!

Tags: Customer, Refunds, SAFE-T
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3 replies
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In reply to: Seller_8zjuQxeXe1kGY’s post

I have 2 EVRI parcels stuck for over 2 weeks and I am asking customers to wait at the moment and not going down the refund route. So far neither of them have taken it to the next level and raised a claim.

EVRI normally respond to incidents via their Bot within 48 hours. Sometimes this does get the package moving again (not always though)

A couple of other stuck parcels did get delivered so I know there is still a chance of the others going through (although my confidence is low)

If you have sent via Buy Shiping I would (in future) hold on as long as possible. You should be protected from A-Z defects and negative feedback from EVRI issues. You still have to pay out the claim value though.

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