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UK & EU Amazon VAT service

by Seller_5UFh9dZe4nXQG

Hi Greeting ,

I have been selling on Amazon for over a year and business was going okay.But, from February this year , there was a decline in my product sales on Amazon .

My IPI rating is going down as well. I just wanted to know the reason for why my business sales are going down instead of working hard and selling best quality
products for amazon customers.
I also wanted to know about Amazon VAT ,services how much it is going to cost us for EU country every month.I know it is free for a year and than £30 a month. Please can someone inform me the total cost of registering in the 7 countries ? Registering to all 7 countries are free for ist year? than what would be the monthly fees after one year for all 7 countries.
please let us know reaosnable and low fees option to sell in EU countries.Many thanks.

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In reply to: Seller_5UFh9dZe4nXQG’s post

I don’t think anyone can offer much help with that. Maybe it is increased competition, maybe the average price in your market is now lower, maybe you were selling fad products, maybe there’s seasonality etc. You’ll have to look at your business and work it out.

The help page says it is 400 euro.

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