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FBM with Amazon Shipping. Versus RM Tracked 24?

by Seller_higsVM28W06Yt

Hi All,
We currently use RM Tracked 24 for all our sales and have a daily collection for sales via Amazon, Backmarket etc.Typically 20-30 small parcels a day. Small boxes with mobile phones inside.
We have been told iit might improve our shipping time metrics (customer offered delivery time) and cut the cost per item by about £2.00 if we moved to Amazon Shipping daily.
Looked around but can’t find much info on this. Any help on these questions would be appreciated.

  1. Is Amazon Shipping with FBM a thing? Would we get a daily collection late afternoon?
  2. Does Amazon Shipping require signature? We would need this.
  3. Does it help your advertised shipping metrics?
  4. Any experience on cost?
  5. Any experience on delivery reliability vs RM? We are generally very happy with RM reliability.
  6. How do you enable it with Amazon as a service?
  7. Presuming you then just add it to your label preferences for Buy Shipping?
  8. Is daily collection automatic?
  9. Is same day drop off somewhere an option fo later orders received?
  10. Can we also ship Backmarket, eBay and other parcels via this route. Will Amazon accept it? Will the other channel recognise the Amazon shipping tracking?

Sorry, didn’t realise I had THAT many questions but appreciate any insights from others in the same boat or those already sailing it.



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In reply to: Seller_higsVM28W06Yt’s post

amazon logistics is an invite only service
if they have invited you, they will give you contracted pricing depending on volume and weights

i used them and at the time (it may have changed) they did not collect signatures
they collected from us at a set time everyday and there was nowhere to drop off orders that came in after collection
all next day orders were delivered by themselves, standard 2-3 day LL were handed to RM for final delivery

there is the option to use AL for 3rd party orders ie eBay but i believe you need to use a specific API to integrate the orders

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