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Amazon Suspended Product In Sponsored Ad

by Seller_uxyMsHXtykPNz

Amazon have suspended a product in a sponsored ad. The product is a drinking game and Amazon gave the following reason for suspending it:

Amazon Advertising’s creative acceptance policy require that ads must promote the responsible consumption of alcoholic beverages and must not:
*Associate drinking with motor vehicles, driving or operating machinery. *Be associated with pregnancy, maternity, or parenting. *Be directed toward or contain images or content designed to appeal to minors. *Disparage abstinence from alcoholic beverages. *Irresponsibly incentive people to drink. *Promote excessive consumption, suggest therapeutic or other benefits to drinking (for example, that alcohol improves performance, contributes to success or solves problems) or
*focus on the alcoholic strength of the beverage. *Contain adults that appear to be under the age of 25.
Additionally, ads must not target unrelated products. Keywords selected must be strictly related to alcohol. Such as Whiskey and not Drink. Please replace the image that associates alcohol with motor vehicles and resubmit your campaign for review.

The listing does not have an image that associates alcohol with motor vehicles, so I’m not really sure what to change.

When I queried the motor vehicles element of their message. They came back with the exact same response, including the removing the photo with association of alcohol to motor vehicles and also added: Please note drinking games are prohibited from advertising.

There are other drinking games that are being advertised on Amazon so I’m unsure as to why the rules apply to some sellers and not others.

Does anyone have advice on what we should do here?

Thank you!

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