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GS1 DataMatrix

by Seller_fMsCVAHNu4txH

Looking for a bit of clarity (god help me, I know) but I can’t seem to find anything in the blurb about the actual format of manufacturer barcodes required by Amazon FBA.
There’s rules on spacing, and a statement saying it must be a “Standard UPC Barcode” but that’s not really clearing anything up.

At the moment everything we send in has a Standard ‘1D’ GS1 Barcode.
But some of our products are quite irregularly shaped, and their barcodes can deform over time, making it more difficult to scan (Like a packet of crisps could).
We all know how fickle the Amazon systems can be, so we can end up with some items getting lost, or returned to us as unscannable.

GS1 also have an approved ‘2D’ DataMatrix standard, but does anyone actually know if Amazon accept that format (or any equivalent QR Code) for the GS1 label?
They’re much more resilient than the 1D versions, and don’t deform as easily because of their design.

I know that 99% of manufacturers probably use the 1D version just to make sure that they’re compatible with every possible scenario (so the item could be sold in an older shop that only has 1D scanners), but that doesn’t mean they ‘have’ to.

We’re considering changing our packaging, but want to consider this option too, if it’s a possibility.

Short version… Has anyone sent 2D GS1 labelled products in to FBA, and did they have any issues?

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In reply to: Seller_fMsCVAHNu4txH’s post

According to Amazon’s guidelines for FBA product barcodes, standard UPC barcodes are required for all products that have a barcode. While the guidelines do not explicitly state that 2D barcodes are not accepted, they do state that the barcode must be a “standard” UPC barcode. This would suggest that 2D barcodes may not be accepted by Amazon’s system.

However, to get a more definitive answer, it would be best to contact Amazon Seller Support and ask them directly whether 2D barcodes are accepted for FBA product barcodes. They may be able to provide you with more information on this issue and suggest alternative solutions if necessary.

In terms of your concerns about barcode deformities, it may be worth considering using a different type of barcode label or packaging to ensure that your products’ barcodes remain scannable over time. Again, it would be best to consult with Amazon Seller Support or a professional barcode supplier for advice on this issue.

while it’s possible that 2D barcodes may be accepted by Amazon’s system, it’s important to follow their guidelines to ensure that your products can be processed and fulfilled efficiently.

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