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Join Amazon Advertising to dive into the nuances of sponsored ads targeting

by Jessica_Amazon_

Join us on September 14 & 15, 2021 for our virtual summit: Principles of sponsored ads targeting: Working backwards from your goals

Targeting plays a big part in your sponsored ads campaigns. From keyword to product and beyond, how do you make it really work for you? We’re giving you a chance to learn from the ground up . Through live demonstrations, interactive sessions, and guest speaker insights, you’ll learn about the different targeting options available to you and leave knowing how to match your strategy to your goals. The result: more effective campaigns, whether you’re brand-new to advertising or have years of experience.

Day one: Tuesday, September 14, 9am – 1pm BST

Sponsored Products targeting strategies for vendors and professional sellers
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Day two: Tuesday September 15, 9am – 1pm BST

A holistic approach to targeting for vendors and sellers enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry
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We also offer a full range of webinars for every experience level. Take a look at our education library to see what’s right for you.

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