Account held for verification


Hi everyone

Hope someone can help me, 2 weeks ago I received a alert notification saying that my account was being verified and it will takes 5 days if no further info was required. Since then my all my listing became “currently unavailable” I try to contact the verification team and the CS these is the reply

We are currently reviewing the information that you have provided. We will contact you as soon as we have completed this review or if we need any further information.

We cannot give you an exact deadline, but our team is working hard to complete verification as soon as possible.

Have anyone experienced the same ? Is there anyone I can contact except for the CS? I don’t think is fair that I keep paying for this disservice all my FBA held for no reason

Thank you all in advance.

Kind regards



I am sorry to hear this, unfortunately account verifications can take anything from a few days to weeks.

I can only advise you to be patient and address any requests for documents which you receive from Amazon.

Also, to escalate the matter, you could try e-mailing


Hi Kika

Thank you for your quick response, it’s just really frustrating the hole process. Is it possible that nobody controll and regulate this company?


If you have any questions about the verification process, check this verification-related help page, which includes answers to all frequently asked questions regarding Seller Account verification:


Quite possible.
Amazon have tried to remain above outside control and regulation so that they are able to act however they want to in any given situation rather than how they should do.


Hi Kika. I saw that you have a great knowledge regarding Amazon policies, maybe you could help me out?
I’ve open an Limited company in UK, as a non-UK resident and now I’m a bit confused about what to send at “Utility Bill, Bank Statement or Credit Card Statement addressed to the individual and dated from the past 90 days”. My service address is located in UK- the same with the company- as I opted for not sharing my actual residential address with the public (perfectly legit in UK)- Amazon will want to see proof for my registered correspondence address or for my actual address (from my passport)?
Hope you will find time to clarify this for me…TIA


All documents should be provided to exactly match what you entered in the “Account info” section of the Seller Central.


Yes, I know …this is why I ask what info should I mention in 'Account info": my residential address from the passport or the Director correspondence address as appears on Company’s House…?


If planning to use UK FBA to fulfill your orders then as a non resident you MUST register for VAT with HMRC.
The use of a

Is not sufficient, you still need to register for UK VAT if using FBA

If sending orders solely from abroad then you don’t need to register for VAT until you hit the selling threshhold BUT, if that were the case why would you set up a virtual office in the UK?


I’ve registered an UK company, so I don’t need to register for VAT. But you didn’t help me find out the answer though…


If you are a non UK resident simply using a virtual office then you most definitely still do need to register for VAT if using FBA
If you do not do so then you risk HMRC forcing Amazon to shut your account, freeze your funds and hold your stock.
Your interpretation of the law around VAT is incorrect.


Ok, I will dig into VAT…But my question was about my address, not VAT. Can you help me with an answer on this?


The bills that you send in will need to match the address that you registered on Amazon, so if you used a business address then the bills will need to match that address.
You can have more than one address registered on Amazon though, so you could add your residential address below your business address and the bills be an exact match for that address.


Maybe I wasn’t clear: I’ve asked about the details to provide Amazon regarding my address as a beneficial owner (not about my company’s address)- if it should be the service address (in UK) or the one from my Passport, because Amazon says I will need to provide “Utility Bill, Bank Statement or Credit Card Statement addressed to the individual and dated from the past 90 days”. Obviously, for service address I will not have it (but in the same time, the service address can be registered with official docs instead of actual residential address, as per law)


This will be your registered business address.


I understood what you meant, and since you would not have any utility bills for your registered UK addressas it is only a virtual office] then you would need to add a second address on seller central for which you could supply utility bills.


Just want to update you regarding my account being back to normal. I took 3 weeks of frustrations and stress. Im desperation I wrote to Jeff and the account finally got back normal (I don’t if is because I wrote to Jeff but I actually receive a reply from the escalation team ). I’m relieved now but the fact that Amazon didn’t tell you the reason they are taking so long is really stressful.


If it was because of your email to Jeff’s team then their replies to you usually go along the lines of
" My name is XXXX and I am a member of the Executive team, Jeff Bezos received your email and asked me to respond on his behalf…"

But however it happened well done for being up and running at last and good luck getting your sales moving again


I actually got the following message but 2 days after it was activated does this count?

Thank you for contacting us.

My name is Heidi, and I’m a member of the Escalations Team. Jeff Bezos received your email and I am responding on his behalf.

We are pleased to let you know that Your Selling on Amazon payment account has been activated. You are able to access your account and start to sell now!

Thank you for your patience in the interim"


you are luck if your account is activated. for new account they even do not reply.