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Hey Sellers!

Happy Monday! Let's kick off the week with some fun! 🎉

If your Amazon journey was a movie, what would it be called? 💭

For me, it's "The Pursuit of Happiness" – riding the highs and lows of success! 🎢

Excited to hear your movie title picks


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Stuck in a loop
by Seller_DMwbrfCFLXc1O

Hi my account is stuck in a loop, i have tried contacting customer service multiple times and they keep copying and pasting the same response. I have updated the information like they asked with no update whatsoever. It is now been several weeks with no progress. What's an alternative way to reach out to them? Is there any human left working at amazon customer service or are they all bots?

Here is the email they keep copying and pasting:

This is an urgent request for you to provide additional information about your account to complete the verification.

Failure to respond to this request as soon as possible may lead to your disbursements and listings being temporarily deactivated.

Why is this happening?

You have incorrectly selected the individual legal entity during the registration of your Amazon selling account.

What do I have to do?

To proceed with the verification, register your account with the correct legal entity.

What happens if I do not provide the required information or documents?

You have a total of 60 days from the day when we first contacted you to provide all of the requested documentation or information to complete the verification. The time that we take to review and validate this information will not be counted against the 60-day threshold that you are given.

Failure to provide this information before the 60 days will lead to your disbursements and listings being temporarily deactivated until verification has been completed.

If it has been more than 60 days since we first contacted you, your disbursements and listings may have already been deactivated and will remain deactivated until the requested information or documentation has been provided and your account has been verified.

Use the following information to select the correct legal entity:

-- Individual: Select this option if you do not intend to sell on Amazon commercially or professionally. This option allows you to sell personal items that you no longer want or need, for example, old DVDs or books.

-- Sole Proprietor: This legal entity is applicable for any commercial individuals who sell for profit. A sole proprietorship is usually registered with local authorities. There is no legal distinction between the owner and the business.

-- State-owned business: This is a business that is either wholly or partially owned and operated by a government.

-- Publicly-listed business: This is a business with shares listed on a stock exchange for public trading.

-- Privately-owned business: These entities, such as limited companies or partnerships, are businesses controlled and operated by private individuals.

-- Charity: This legal entity is for foundations, organizzazione non lucrativa di utilità sociale (Onlus), società cooperative sociali, associations, and other tax-exempt bodies.

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Hi everyone,

I'm reaching out for help with a listing issue.

Here's the situation:

  • I'm the sole authorized seller of a product (not brand registered).
  • I have all necessary documents to prove this: (Authorization letters from producers, Purchase invoices, GS1 certificates , Letter from supplier stating the product is generic (no brand))
  • My product was verified and accepted by Amazon initially.
  • However, I'm now required to request approval for the Grocery & Gourmet Foods subcategory (ASIN: B0D4QYLVYT).
  • When I apply with all documentation, I receive a rejection stating the product is mis-branded and infringes on a third party's rights.

''You have applied to list products against ASIN B0D4QYLVYT, that is mis-branded, and is infringing on a third party’s rights. Listing products against a mis-branded or infringing ASIN is a violation of our policies. To address this issue and request an update of the ASINs product detail page''

Here's what I believe is happening:

There's an outdated and inaccurate listing for this product (ASIN: B00ID6XQMW) created by a previous distributor 10 years ago.

My product is mistakenly being linked to this old listing.

Amazon support seems to be focusing on the outdated information instead of my verification documents.

What I've tried:

I've explained the situation and provided all documents to Amazon support, but applications keep getting rejected.

What I need help with:

  1. Is there a way to clarify the situation with Amazon and get my product listed with the correct details under the Grocery & Gourmet Foods category (ASIN: B0D4QYLVYT)?
  2. Should I try contacting support about removing the outdated listing (ASIN: B00ID6XQMW)?

Any insights or suggestions from the community would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

P.S. I've included the ASINs for both listings for reference (B0D4QYLVYT - my verified product, B00ID6XQMW - outdated listing).

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No longer elligible for premium delivery.
by Seller_bzRkeDMMsE3Is

100% of my orders before 4.45pm are dispatched the same day, 1st and second class.1st class is always sent recorded (even if it's only a few pounds). All postage is Royal Mail purchased through Amazon. My valid tracking rate is 100%. Today I received an email

'You are currently not eligible to offer premium delivery options for your seller fulfilled orders. Your status has changed because we noticed that one or more of your performance metrics has fallen below the programme requirements.'

Absolute madness. what more can you possibly do than post out all orders the same day, using Amazon labels, sending all 1st class recorded, have a valid tracking rate of 100%. It's been fine for years and now it's not good enough. Unbelievable!

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delivery scams
by Seller_N0kQDKMgwda6y
Amazon replied

Hi, can anyone tell me how this is likely to go please ? Recently, and for the first time in years of selling, I have had a couple of non delivery scam attempts. I only sell books and book buyers in general seem to be mostly honest. A few weeks ago i had a refund request, followed by an A to Z, which was found in my favour. But that one, unusually, was sent signed for. But now I have another 'request' a crude, block capital 'I did not get it please refund me'' sent TEN WEEKS after the order was fulfilled. Obviously nobody waits more than a couple of weeks before enquiring, and in ten years of using Royal Mail i have never had an actual non delivery.

It was an expensive book, and this has been a lesson to get all expensive books sent signed for, but , after ten weeks, will Amazon uphold this prety obvious false claim ?

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Setting up individual seller account
by Seller_ICcx1iFy0onSh

I already have a business seller account.

I've also got an individual account.

I want to sell my old books and wotnot on an individual account too.

Is this possible?

I'm trying to set up an individual seller account on my other profile but it looks like it's just going to be another business seller account, which I don't want.



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Paladone IP
by Seller_sq6JNrabjPKEi

Hello, I am about to list a product for Paladone but seem it can have potential IP issues - does anyone have any experience with this brand? Any help would be appreciated! Thank you

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The rule seems to be 1 inch x 2 inch minimum size for the actual barcode, is this correct?

If people are using 27 labels per A4 sheet, then suely these are too small for a 1 x 2 inch barcode?

Any help appreciated.


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Help deactivated account
by Seller_igSKz7GRHXroF

This will make me go into liquidation of a 13-year-old business

Brief summary as brief as possible:( Such a ride with Amazon

Three years ago, Amazon deactivated the count without any reason, and there was no way to contact them on a security basis. With NO option to get in touch with them, it was HELL. After sending messages to the management team and contacting people in Pakistan on Fiverr, it took me three months to re-open the account.

I sent them loads of info to no avail, and then I gave them one last try before handing the towel, and they reinstated it. Still, the damage was done as they destroyed 20,000 pounds worth of stock. We also took a loan out as sales were going well, and we were introducing new products. It also caused massive issues with our taxes as most of our revenue was coming through Amazon, and then it stopped, but the Tax man still wanted us to pay and still does.

Then, Brexit, we were told by Amazon we had to go LTD to open a shop and to be able to carry on selling in Europe also; the accountant told us to go LTD, so we did this, then they deactivated again, stating we had two accounts the other account couldn't close as had loan to it which is still there as unsure how to pay it back with numerous attempts to get transferred to our LTD company.

Anyway, ever so often, Amazon deactivates this original sole trader account, causing a Domino effect, the last being in November and December, the busiest times of the year. Also, Royal Mail lost 300 of our items. I think the UK doesn't like a small business.

Now Amazon has closed the original account again. Sole Trader is asking for proof that we are paying VAT and that we are a legitimate UK-based business. We went Ltd in 2022, and the sole trader account was just there because of a loan. We did not trade and ceased to exist in this entity. I sent lots of info showing we are a legitimate company but not giving answers. I just BOT emails back, but in our LTD company name, I have just sent as much as I can to show that the sole Trader ceases to exist.

but lost hope this work

Can anyone help? We have stock again with them, and they will start sending them back to us at our cost. Why is the UK government not protecting small businesses? This will crush me.

If this account is not re-opened, I think it will destroy my business as I have tax issues that have been going on for three years. If I do go bust, the loan with Amazon is under sole Trader, so I guess I will have to go bust in my name, too. How will I get this info to Amazon?

How can a foreign company in the UK close a UK business without a real solution to help small businesses? Sometimes, there is no option to send an email or call, and they always do guesswork about what they need.

This is shocking, but I am coming to the conclusion it isn't going to work, and I am thinking of starting another business and moving abroad where Amazon does not exist, maybe to MARS

Help, please. We are a legitimate business

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Hello fellow sellers,

I've recently started selling a shampoo on Amazon and am experiencing an unusually high number of refunds. Despite having a 100% customer experience rating and no negative feedback on the listing, I've had about 15 refunds in the past two weeks. When I reached out to Seller Support, I was informed that since the shampoo is a non-returnable item, customers were issued refunds without providing any reason.

I find this situation very frustrating. It feels unfair that despite no complaints about the product and no provided reasons for the refunds, customers can still receive their money back. As sellers, we invest a lot into our products and it's disheartening to see our efforts result in losses like this.

Can anyone offer advice on how to handle this situation? Is there a way to request reimbursement from Amazon for these refunds, especially when no reason for the refund is given by the customer?

Looks like Amazon is wiping their customers face with sellers blood on it.

Thank you in advance for your help!

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Amazon stranded my products for an unspecified reason. Despite asking for the reason multiple times, the only response I received from the case is "Needs approval to sell in Amazon and currently Amazon is not accepting applications to sell this ASIN." I have same unit under different parent, they are active.But some of my products became stranded. My 227 units are stranded. I can't solve the problem. They are not showing the necessary documents required for listing.What can ı do about this troble?

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