Accounting software for pan-EU



We have EU company and are VAT registered in the UK and other Pan-EU countries.

Is there any software that could track all the Amazon related accounting (revenues, expenses) at each trade level, where all different VAT rates would be correctly accounted.
I have checked most popular software offers, but as I understand they do the accounting at the settlement level (one settlement period = 1 invoice), while I want 1 sale = 1 invoice.

Thank you!


Entriwise does 1 sale = 1 sale receipt or all day sales = 1 day receipt. But Entriwise integrates with QuickBooks and QuickBooks doesn’t support multiple VAT registrations.

To the best of our knowledge, there is no cheap accounting software supporting multiple VAT registrations.

You can check Acumatica or NetSuite, but they are ERP systems and will cost thousands or tens of thousands per year.


I highly recommend linkmybooks